Law enforcement

Protecting your neighbors

Law Enforcement has specific surveillance needs: a clear image, optimal storage capabilities, and ease of exporting and playing back video without degradation. With Axis’ mission to create a smarter, safer world, the duty of law enforcement and investigation especially resonates.  Whether your aim is protecting people or property, we offer network video solutions to help deter, proactively prevent, and investigate potential disturbances. With the use of Axis network video you can:

  • Simplify video management and audio data
  • Validate cases and document sequence of events
  • Leverage undeniable and court-admissible evidence
  • Reinforce officer conduct and accountability
  • Protect departments against false claims and fraud
  • Rapidly deploy resources and equipment
  • Maximize efficiency of discreet operations 

Also, video surveillance can be an enormous asset to first responders. With high quality images, you can play back video to see the sequence of events, as well as proactively survey an area before sending in first responders. Image quality and usability is arguably one of the most important features of any video system, and Axis IP video solutions adeptly support you where lives and property are at risk.