Data center

Data centers

Limit bandwidth and storage consumption and waste

Operators of data centers know better than anyone else the importance of managing bandwidth and storage. With Axis’ network video solutions, you can minimize the bandwidth consumption for your surveillance system – without compromising image quality or frame rate – by using the H.264 compression standard. Axis also offers the unique Corridor Format, a video format giving you a vertically oriented video stream from the camera (9:16 aspect ratio). Not only is it optimized for monitoring areas that are vertical in shape, like server halls, it is also eliminating bandwidth and storage waste by using the full area of the camera’s image sensor.

Stay compliant

Security around data centers are subject to different standards and recommendations. In addition, data center operations need to fulfill various requirements, including sustainability and environmental regulations. Axis makes network compliance easy with various security features such as

  • Password protection
  • IP address filtering
  • IEEE 802.1x network access control
  • HTTPS encryption
  • Back-up recording on edge storage (SD cards or network storage devices)

In addition, our products can be configured with limitations for pan, tilt and zoom as well as with masking parts of the view of the camera.

Easy-to-integrate solutions

All Axis’ network video solutions are built upon open standards, making them easy to integrate in your existing PSIM and building management systems. The use of integrated solutions will help you to increase your overall operational efficiency, for example reducing the cost for handling false alarms of different kinds. From one single central location you can manage real-time video and make the right decisions for actions – at any point in time.

The green choice

Keeping light and energy consumption to a minimum is a common green goal for all data centers. Combining this with high quality surveillance video can be a challenge. By choosing Axis’ network video solutions you can have the best of two worlds. Our award-winning Lightfinder technology enables you to obtain high-definition color images in almost complete darkness – allowing for keeping light and energy consumption to a minimum. Also, by using intelligent video capabilities and applications such as recording based on motion detection or sound detection, a lower energy consumption from any Axis product can be achieved.