AXIS 2401+ Video Server


  • 1 analog video input, 1 video loop-through port
  • Video stream: up to 30 (NTSC) or 25 (PAL) frames per second with Motion JPEG as well as single snapshot, user-controlled compression level
  • 4 alarm inputs and 1 output signal 
  • Event handling including mail, TCP, HTTP and FTP notification and video upload
  • Auto sensing for NTSC and PAL
  • Support for multiple Pan/Tilt/Zoom devices
  • Connection: Dial-up via modem as well as direct connection to Ethernet networks.
  • PHP3 script support for developing your own application scripts
  • Remote configuration and status using Web-based tools
  • Three times more space for pre-and post alarm buffers than before: Allows the user to see extended video events in higher resolution and in greater detail - up to 12 MB available for alarm buffers. 
  • Enables higher level of customization: More than double the storage capacity for Web pages and scripts – up to 0.5 MB.
  • Higher performance with improved Linux operating system: The improved memory and process management introduced with the Linux kernel v.2.4 gives an approximately 10% increase in performance.
  • Future proof: Improved architecture allows space for ongoing functionality additions, e.g. support for new Pan/Tilt/Zoom devices

For more product details, see AXIS 2401+ (Data sheet)

Optional accessories:

AXIS 2401+: System overview

The AXIS 2401+ Video Server is a cost-effective solution for adding digital functionality to traditional CCTV systems. The AXIS 2401+ allows for video output to an analog CCTV monitor as well as to the computer network.

Providing video for analog and IP networks

Designed for professional surveillance applications, the AXIS 2401+ Video Server connects to one analog camera and provides a connection to an Ethernet network, in addition to a video loop-through port for an analog monitor.  

The AXIS 2401+ transforms analog video into high quality digital images for video transmission over intranet networks or the Internet. This enables users to view live images from any networked computer with a standard Web browser. The AXIS 2401+ provides greater memory, increased performance and a higher level of customization than the original AXIS 2401.

Easy to install and use, the AXIS 2401+ provides a comprehensive, single-box solution that enables you to have a high performance surveillance application up and running in minutes. Your system can be as open or closed as needed. Access to live images can be restricted to only authorized users through several levels of password protection.

For surveillance installations that require many AXIS 2401+, blade versions of the video servers are available for use with the AXIS Rack Solution.

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