Axis Canada @ The Global Energy Show

13 - 15 June, 2023
BMO Centre, Stampede Park, Calgary, Canada
Booth #1422 Hall F

Join Axis Canada at the 2023 Global Energy Show!

The global energy landscape is changing rapidly, which means the technology that supports it must continue to pivot and innovate to meet goals of the sector. Come together, along with hundreds of energy stakeholders, to the Global Energy Show. 

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AXIS P1468-XLE at the Global Energy Show

Meet the world's first; AXIS P1468-XLE

Announced earlier this year by Global Headquarters, the much anticipated AXIS P1468-XLE will be live and in action at the Axis booth for the Global Energy Show. You may be wondering, what's so special about this camera? AXIS P1468-XLE is a robust, impact- and weather-resistant fixed camera which delivers excellent image quality in 4K resolution under any light conditions, through Lightfinder 2.0Forensic WDR, and OptimizedIR. Compact and lightweight in design, the camera is as easy to install as a standard camera. 


Specifically designed for Zone/Division 2 hazardous locations

In contrast to Zone/Division 1 hazardous locations – where the presence of an explosive atmosphere is likely and a regular occurrence – in Zone/Division 2 hazardous locations, an explosive atmosphere is far less likely, less frequent, and present for much shorter periods of time. It is still essential however, to eliminate the risk of equipment creating a spark that might create an explosion in these areas.

Explaining why the company has chosen to create a camera specifically designed for Zone/Division 2 hazardous locations, Jesper Olavi, Global Product Manager at Axis, said: “For customers who have wanted to use video surveillance in Zone/Division 2 hazardous locations, the only realistic solution so far has been to use explosion-protected cameras certified for Zone/Division 1 hazardous locations. But these heavy-duty enclosures are over-engineered and unnecessarily expensive for Zone 2/Division 2 hazardous locations. With the launch of AXIS P1468-XLE, customers will have the chance to bring high-quality video surveillance and advanced analytics into locations where they were previously rarely used due to the prohibitive cost.

“AXIS P1468-XLE highlights the benefits of Axis designing and manufacturing our own explosion-protected cameras. In designing every element of the camera, we can ensure the methods employed for explosion protection are based on an individual camera’s requirements, rather that creating a ‘generic’ enclosure designed to fit many cameras. It’s a process that leads to an optimal solution for specific environments and use cases.”

See it, along with other notable players from the Axis product portfolio on the exhibition floor June 13-15th. 


Attend the session from Axis at the Global Energy Show. June 14, 2023 from 3:30 - 4:00 pm. Transformative Energy Theatre - Room B

We're speaking, and want to see you there!

Join us at the Technical Conference at the GES to hear from our very own Joe Morgan and Michael Mason. 

Session Info: It is undeniable that the world is in a climate change crisis, and the need for action is more than pressing - it’s vital. Nations around the world are increasing their use of renewable sources to meet their targets for CO2 emissions. One country seeking to invest in more renewable resources is Brazil, specifically with one of its largest energy companies, Elera Renováveis, which works to generate electricity from renewable resources. With over 44 hydroelectric plants, 19 wind farms, and eight miles of perimeter to cover, it’s easy to understand the security challenges of such a large-scale facility. At peak capacity, the solar farm’s acreage is equivalent to more than 800 football fields, generating nearly 360 megawatts of power ?" serving the electricity needs of nearly a quarter million homes. However, the more sustainable our critical infrastructure has become, the more vital it is to ensure it’s protected and able to provide essential services to area businesses and residents. A sprawling solar farm presents its own unique challenges, and ensuring the security of solar farms, power grids, water plants, etc. is vital to business’ functions, resident wellbeing, and the livelihoods of many. In this presentation, Joe Morgan, Segment Development Manager - Critical Infrastructure at Axis Communications will review the challenges Elera Renováveis faced, and how they overcame skepticism with innovation. The audience will gain an understanding of what it takes to secure large critical infrastructure facilities, such as solar farms, and how to take it a step further. Not only by protecting the perimeter, but by maximizing their investments to streamline processes.

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About the Global Energy Show 

This year’s conference is a pivotal purposebased meeting of the global energy ecosystem that is shouldering the huge challenge of balancing our climate targets while supplying clean, and responsibly produced affordable energy to those who need it. The conference presents a unique opportunity to showcase practical and ground-breaking answers to the most pressing questions of our generation, including how we finally focus on the customer through the energy transition, our domestic and international energy relationships and how we navigate through political and market uncertainty.

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