Building a safe relationship with technology

September 21, 2022
History repeats itself but it also teaches us valuable lessons for the future. I see many aspects of this theory in our everyday lives and realized it holds a lot of truth.   When I started my career, we were in the time of analog, and I feel lucky to be part of this digital transformation. I remember how I was overly thrilled when the internet became available to the population, however, I and many others didn’t foresee this new constituent would be dominating our lives, let alone thinking it could one day become a weapon!

The shield: Security by design

Quickly we saw from this progress the other side of the shiny medal showing some terrifying dimensions. This is no news to us that any significant progress carries both sides and as we figured it out, we adapted to these changes rapidly. Adapting to technological advancement is not only good for individuals but also important for the survival of technology manufacturers. Axis understands that and we are investing to assure we develop alongside it as well as constantly appraise our model.

Our products are created and manufactured with security by design model. As technology advances, so is our product development. We consider the common industry-specific threats an organization is likely to face, the existing vulnerability of their defense, and industry regulation as we proactively work to help defend against attacks.


The tactic: Axis Security Development Model (ASDM)

Our Axis Security Development Model (ASDM) is the framework that defines the process and tools used by Axis to build software with security built-in throughout the lifecycle, from inception to decommission. The primary objectives driving ASDM efforts are:

  • to make software security an integrated part of Axis software development activities,
  • reduce security-related business risk for Axis customers,
  • meet increasing awareness of security considerations by customers and partners,
  • to create the potential for cost reduction because of early detection and resolution issues.

ASDM is in my opinion a great initiative to allow changes to be safer and smarter.


As an IoT company, Axis understands the consequence of what is coming ahead and wishes not to repeat history but rather learn the lesson from it. The worldwide forecast of IoT devices deployment by 2030 is expected to triple from 2020’s quantity and, reach more than 29 billion.

We believe cities will be the superusers of these devices for, collecting data, improving, and simplifying citizens’ interaction within their space.

Those changes and threats are part of life and will remain continually however I believe with vision and a proactive technological model perhaps we will curb the larger impact on humans. We build to follow the technology evolution and hopefully learn from past lessons. Indeed, these IoT allow cities to improve their citizen’ experience, but should we not think profoundly about those devices becoming a much larger hidden change in our everyday life or becoming targets for attack?

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