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Safety and security

Where staff and customers feel secure

Prevent opportunities for break-ins, vandalism and protect your staff and customers by identifying suspicious behavior and taking action in real time. Safeguard your store and surroundings and get accurate visual evidence in time.

  • Safeguard your customers and staff

  • Secure your perimeter

  • Secure your buildings

Entrances and exits

Stay informed of who is entering and leaving your premises and ensure that customers and staff feel welcome and trusted. Have full control over unattended deliveries and all your entrances and exits at any time of day. Ensure that no objects are blocking emergency exits and take action on suspicious or aggressive behavior. Make your customers, contractors, and staff feel safe as they approach and exit your store.

Sales floor

Keep your premises safe from slip and fall or any other accidents. Get automatically notified in the event of aggressive behavior, send immediate alerts and notify guards in real time. Detect loiterers and help prevent crime such as vandalism, and consequently ensure that your store environment is secure and your customers feel safe. Have complete coverage of incidents and easy search analysis and documentation for reduced investigation time and costs.


Cash room

Safeguard your cash rooms so that only your staff and authorized people have access and automatically capture the action of people entering the room in real time. Recognize, identify or verify authorized personnel.

Parking lots

Make customers and staff feel safe arriving and departing to and from your parking area both in daylight and when dark outside. Automatically capture images of the license plate of vehicles that enter your premises, and take appropriate action such as opening a gate, adding a cost, or generating an alert. Welcome customers and staff with a recorded message to make them feel seen and safe.

Storage and loading docks

Protect your facilities and track your suppliers’ goods, to know exactly where a package is at every stage of its journey. Safeguard your entrances and exits, before, during and after business hours by granting permission and controlling access for different suppliers into your premises. Avoid tailgating when staff enters your premises. Secure door entrances for unmanned deliveries with QR codes and other access control applications. Automatically capture images of license plates and take appropriate action such as opening a gate for authorized vehicles or automatically registering your delivery vehicles. Track people and vehicles and trigger an alarm and/or pre-recorded messages if they have been in a predefined unauthorized area for too long.

Find out how to secure your premises with our solutions.

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