Axis Certification Program

Start your knowledge journey today

To achieve certification, you will need to pass the advanced exam covering the latest network video surveillance technologies, solutions, products and best-practice techniques. This means you need to be well-prepared. Don't worry! At Axis, we're ready to help you right away.

1. Prepare

a) General information

There are three important, printable documents, describing the certification process:

  • Axis’ Candidate Certification Agreement
  • Axis Exam Preparation Guide
  • Axis Certification Program: Questions and answers

b) Study resources

Axis Communications’ Academy offers a wide variety of trainer-led classroom courses and online material, helping you get prepared.

Visit the tab Get prepared for more detailed instructions.

2. Register

Axis Network Video Exam is available at testing centers, translated into multiple languages, and currently available in numerous locations all over the world at a price of 150 US dollars.


3. Take and pass the exam

If you do not pass the exam, you may retake it a minimum of fourteen days after the first attempt.

If you are unsuccessful on a second attempt, you must wait a minimum of one month from the date of the second attempt to retake the Axis Network Video Exam.

4. Receive your diploma, logo and membership card

Axis Certification diploma

Your Axis Certification Program Certificate and logo will be sent to you for download in an e-mail (to your registered e-mail address), a couple of days after having passed the test.

Axis Certification card

Your Axis Certification Program Membership Card will be sent to you by mail (to your registered home address).

Facts about Axis certification

  • Certification is open to all individuals
  • Preparation through Axis Communications Academy
  • In-person testing at 5000 test centers
  • Recertification online every third year
  • Certification requirements apply for new silver- and gold-level partners. *

* One Axis Certified Professional per
country for silver-level partners and
two Axis Certified Professionals per
country for gold-level partners

Stay certified

Axis Certified Professionals who are employed by one of our partner companies can certify for free online.

Go to our recertification page to find out more.