License plate recognition for slow-speed freeflow vehicles and access control

June 10, 2021
Axis Communications announces the release of two all-in-one camera kits designed to capture sharp images of license plates. These cost-effective kits come with AXIS License Plate Verifier pre-installed, and feature OptimizedIR to ensure the ideal image settings for license plate recognition— 24/7.

AXIS P1455-LE-3 is ideal for use in freeflow, slow-speed traffic, such as in city centers, gated communities, and campuses. It includes a compact and robust IK10-rated fixed bullet camera with HDTV 1080p resolution. Featuring excellent weather protection, it offers a 29 mm telephoto lens to deliver a high pixel density allowing for sharp license plates reading up to 20 meters (65 feet).

From basic entry/exit to advanced access control, AXIS P3245-LVE-3 is an easy-to-install vehicle access control kit supporting different levels of security. Including a vandal-resistant, HDTV 1080p fixed dome camera it’s safe to use even when installed at lower, more accessible heights. This camera kit verifies license plates against a list of authorized or unauthorized number plates stored in the camera. It offers built-in support for Axis Network Door Controller for integration with credential management systems.

Key features include

AXIS P1455-LE-3
  • Robust, HDTV 1080p/2MP fixed bullet camera
  • Reads license plates from 7-20 m (23-65 ft)
  • Proven for tough weather conditions
AXIS P3245-LVE-3
  • Varifocal, HDTV 1080p/2MP fixed dome camera
  • Reads license plates from 2-7 m (6,6-23 ft)
  • Vandal- and weather-resistant casing

These cost-effective, easy-to-install kits offer tight integration with AXIS Camera Station (ACS) and can also be integrated with other video management systems (VMS) for more complex requirements. Furthermore, it’s possible to integrate with other Axis products, for instance, to trigger speakers or lights.

Get ideal images for license plate recognition
AXIS P1455-LE-3 AXIS P3245-LVE-3
Monica Tomar
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