Reflecting on Intersec Expo 2019 - The Future of Security Is Smart And Sustainable

March 10, 2019
The beginning of the year marks the busiest time for the security industry. With several flagship events taking place, the focus is on new technologies, products and the future outlook on new trends. This year is no different.

At Axis, it was our 13th year participating at Intersec Expo in Dubai, one of the largest security tradeshows in the Middle East, where we gained some significant insights into the current and future trends. Retail, critical infrastructure and the journey to smart cities For us, the focus has continued in retail and critical infrastructure, and expanded deeply into smart cities.

Retail is a perpetually growing and expanding industry. We have made great strides in executing projects to improve store optimization and improving customer experience. Retail is on the way to smart where you’ll soon walk into a store and be greeted with personalized offers on your favorite items or on-the-spot discounts.

The critical infrastructure industry, in particular, oil & gas as well as energy, are continuing a steady growth while the governments expand and grow other economic factors. Protecting these facilities is serious business and we take great pride in our solutions that are custom built to meet the requirement.

Is it too early to say smart cities are here? Not at all. Governments have been building towards today for the last few years and we can now see the futuristic smart city become a reality all around us. At Intersec, it became even clearer what security and surveillance camera companies are focusing on: Smart lighting, traffic management, accident response or license plate recognition are some of the few smart features that are already being utilized across various regions and will be further developed during the next few years. A primary factor for this leap has been the high adaptability of the governments in the region and their determination to embrace the next era of a ‘smart’ society.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) in an exciting technology that the entire world is waiting for. AI is sure to become part of technological developments in many areas, including safety and security and we are driving such innovations ourselves. However, we strongly believe it is currently in the early stages in the surveillance industry. While we develop our AI offering, what has been a successful reality is machine learning. In surveillance, machine learning has grown leaps and bounds, and cameras today can perform various functionalities with the aid of analytics and applications. People counting, demographics, intrusion alarms, fire detection, fall detection are just some of the features that cameras are performing today. Machine learning will continue to advance and will be one of the key foundations for artificial intelligence.

Sustainability will be at the heart of innovation

What good is innovation if it destroys the planet we all call home? The call for sustainability is at its loudest. As the impact of global warming becomes loud and destructive with the various weather anomalies, the time to act is now. This can also be observed in the security industry. While it is not immediately a market that springs to mind in terms of impacting the environment, sustainability is key to new product innovation after all. If a potential customer is trying to reduce their carbon emissions, then a sustainable security solution will be much more attractive than one guzzling power and leaking polymers into the earth.

Therefore, it was not surprising to see that our call for more sustainability got a lot of positive response from the visitors. We asked people visiting us to pledge to change just ONE habit this year that will help save the planet. They wrote these pledges on seed paper which is recycled paper and is embedded with seeds. This seed paper when planted grows into a small flower plant. We collected over 300 pledges and we will be planting a sapling for each pledge. #GoGreenWithAxis New solutions are emerging, and new materials are being used in product development to reduce the impact security solutions have on the planet. It is also something that needs to be addressed throughout the whole value chain – including packaging, logistics and even the partners through which solution manufacturers sell.

Customers, as well as manufacturers, are on the path to make their products and processes more sustainable. Innovation is our passion and responsibility. We are committed to driving sustainable innovation through our products, solutions, business conduct and social responsibility.

Monica Tomar
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