AXIS 2411 Video Server


  • A compact solution for video transmission over distances
  • Live video and remote monitoring – with standard IP networks

  • High quality Motion JPEG images - at up to 30 frames/second
  • Built-in Web server
  • No extra accessories or software needed

Optional accessories:

Meeting your basic needs in digitizing your analog world

The AXIS 2411 is an entry-level, single channel video server that digitizes and compresses video from an analog camera to provide high quality, digital image streams over an IP network. 

Ideal for use in a large professional surveillance system or in a single camera system, the AXIS 2411 provides an effective and attractively priced solution for remote, live video monitoring from a Web browser anywhere in the world.

The AXIS 2411 delivers video streams at up to 30 frames per second using Motion JPEG. Three different image resolution alternatives and five user selectable compression levels provide flexibility to meet various demands.

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