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Cyber-attacks are frequently making headline news. Whether you’re responsible for one device on the network or the entire network infrastructure, we all have a role to play when it comes to ensuring network security. With the increasing number of IP security devices, such as cameras, attached to our networks today, physical security and cybersecurity must now go hand-in-hand.

Like physical security, effective cybersecurity is an ongoing cycle of identifying vulnerabilities, assessing threats, and implementing appropriate measures. It’s about products, people, technology and ongoing processes. And about partnering with a supplier that’s prepared to support you at every level, which is where Axis enters the picture.

The need to strongly secure your network becomes more evident every day. To ensure a strong defense, consider the hardening of not only the network, but all the devices attached to it. Is your network as secure as it can be? Take our quick cybersecurity test, and let us help you to become more cyber secure.

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Building a strong, comprehensive security framework will help your business go far in today's threat landscape. Learn how to build a strong, hardened network paired with policies, processes and people all proactively monitoring and responding to cyber threats – and aligned with your organization’s stated cybersecurity goals.

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Axis has 100% focus on cyber security, and we’re doing everything in our power to mitigate its risks. We have strict requirements for our own products and we’re working diligently with our partners – and you – to fight this threat.  For more information, contact us today on