AXIS Dewarping Plugin for Milestone XProtect®

The Axis dewarping functionality makes it possible to use any Axis 360-degree panoramic camera in a Milestone XProtect system. A 360-degree Axis camera mounted on the ceiling covers a very large area, and with the AXIS Dewarping Plugin with Milestone XProtect® it is possible to dewarp the image to have a distortion-corrected live video for easier viewing of the surveillance scene. Another benefit is the possibility to dewarp the stored 360-degree stream in the case of an event and the need for a forensic investigation of the video material. This solution can be used in any industry segment.

Key features

- Dewarping of live and recorded video

- Digital PTZ

- Multi-view streaming with dewarped views

- Quad and panoramic view

Download 32-bit version

Download 64-bit version