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Title Language Date
Целевое обеспечение качества: Пригодность изображения для решения задач в сфере безопасности Russian June 2018
AXIS Guardian Data security and GDPR English June 2018
IPセキュリティシステムの価値の最大化総所有コスト (TCO) と投資利益率 (ROI) の見直しによる、より適切な意思決定の実現 Japanese June 2018
IP 보안 시스템의가치 극대화보다 나은 비즈니스 의사 결정을 위한총소유비용(TCO) 및 투자수익률(ROI) 활용 Korean June 2018
IR in surveillance English June 2018
European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Implications for video surveillance English May 2018
依據目的呈現高品質影像: 安全監控影像的可用性 Chinese, Simplified May 2018
목적에 맞는 품질: 보안 분야의 이미지 가용성 Korean May 2018
Qualität, die Sinn macht: Nutzbare Bildqualität in der Sicherheitsbranche German April 2018
Tecnologia Axis Zipstream: Ridurre lo spazio, non la qualità Italian April 2018
Tecnología Zipstream de Axis - Menos almacenamiento sin perder calidad Spanish April 2018
Axis Zipstream-Technologie: Am Speicher sparen. Nicht an der Qualität. German April 2018
Axis Zipstream 기술: 품질을 훼손하지 않고 저장 공간을 절약하십시오. Korean April 2018
Einführung in das Thema Audio: Akustik-, Lautsprecher- und Audio-Terminologie German April 2018
目的に応じた品質: セキュリティにおける画像の有用性 Japanese April 2018
La qualité au service de vos objectifs: Pour une exploitation maximale des images devidéosurveillance French March 2018
Qualidade com finalidade: Aproveitamento de imagem no setor de segurança Portuguese, Brazil March 2018
Calidad con un propósito: La usabilidad de las imágenes en el sector de la seguridad Spanish March 2018
安讯士 Zipstream 技术 Chinese, Simplified March 2018
Tested without compromise - Whitepaper - KO Korean March 2018
アクシスのZipstreamテクノロジー Japanese February 2018
Quantifying jerkiness: Jerk-free movements in Axis positioning cameras English February 2018
安迅士 Zipstream 技術 Chinese, Simplified February 2018
Technologie Zipstream d’Axis French February 2018
Tecnologia Zipstream da Axis Portuguese, Brazil February 2018