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Organization: Equa bank a.s.
Location: Czech Republic
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High quality imaging, easy access to video recordings and low costs are clear benefits of IP video surveillance systems.


Equa bank a.s. is a modern banking institution in the Czech Republic operating 12 branches with more than 50,000 clients. The company entered the Czech market in July 2011 after taking over Banco Popolare Česká republika, a. s. During reconstruction of 6 branches owned by the previous bank, management needed to resolve several video surveillance system issues. The existing analog camera monitoring system was unreliable and the bank needed to elaborate a user-friendly and reliable solution while keeping the cost as low as possible.


MC Systems & Services s.r.o, as one of the suppliers of bank security systems, decided to design a completely new system based on IP. Eight to twelve AXIS P3304 Network Dome Cameras with 1 MP resolution and WDR (wide dynamic range) were installed at each of the 6 branches. Camera recordings are stored at the branch in a compact NUOO Mini or NUOO Titan video management (NVR) network storage system, allowing the connection of up to 16 cameras.


The installed camera system provided Equa bank branches with an economical, user-friendly and simple video surveillance solution. Axis network cameras provide high-quality imaging with high resolution and wide dynamic range, and thanks to local NVR storage the capacity of the data network is not overloaded. Authorized personnel, either at the bank branch or at the bank headquarters, may easily access video recordings online at any time. Technicians may also perform remote maintenance or make minor corrections to the camera surveillance system via the network connection.

We had to adhere to our low-budget, but at the same time needed a high-quality image and stable solution with minimal maintenance demands. Our experience thus far indicates that the IP camera system solution was a very good choice.
Josef Bílek, Head of IS Security, Equa bank.

Tradition, or the future?

Banks were among the first places that camera surveillance and monitoring systems were installed in the 1970s. Monitoring and surveillance technologies have been subject to rapid developments and the introduction of IP cameras brought many advantages.

“Traditionally, banks use analog, but rather well designed camera systems. If the camera system needs to be expanded, we usually recommend building a digital system in parallel with the analog system, as the digital system represents a better choice for the future. Both systems can easily work together, and if a camera needs to be replaced, a digital camera is installed instead,” says Milan Urbánek from MC Systems & Services s.r.o. “However, in the case of Equa bank, we have recommended installation of a new IP digital system because the original analog system was unreliable and could not be easily extended.”

Clearly usable imaging

What benefits has the IP camera system brought to Equa bank branches? First of all, high-quality imaging. AXIS P3304 Network Cameras offer a 1 MP resolution and wide dynamic range (WDR), which further improves video quality even under high light contrasts, which are common in many banks as a result of numerous high gloss surfaces. Another benefit is easy online access to video recordings. NVR recordings stored in NUOO storage may be easily accessed online by authorized personnel when needed, plus under regular operation the capacity of the data network is not overloaded.

Savings, expandability and reliability

The network solution brought installation cost savings as ethernet cable was both used to supply power to the cameras and to transfer video signal. The compact NUOO storage replaces expensive servers and allows the user to connect additional IP cameras without significant cost in the future. Because the system is very reliable and camera settings or corrections may be performed by a technician online, the system maintenance costs are also significantly reduced. “We and our clients believe that human labor is expensive,” says Milan Urbánek, “and therefore, we are very pleased that this system is effective and virtually maintenance-free, aside from one annual preventive inspection.”

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