Axis antes up casino surveillance

Even strobe, LED and dim lighting can’t deter Axis network cameras from their appointed tasks at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa

“With as much activity as we have on the property, the cameras and video analytics are essential to handling the surveillance workload. They help us focus on the important events and provide the evidentiary footage we need for prosecution and liability protection.” John Underwood, Surveillance Technology Manager for Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa.


From the twinkling LEDs on the gaming machines and the strobes and spotlights in the concert halls, to the dimly lit nightclub areas and neon signs in the bar, the ambience is designed to excite and entertain patrons looking for a good time. The constantly changing illumination had Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa looking for a better performing surveillance solution. The surveillance team wanted new network cameras capable of compensating for variable lighting and meeting the stringent regulations that govern all casino surveillance operations.


Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa turned to a portfolio of network cameras optimized for high performance in a wide range of challenging lighting environments. The surveillance department engineers systematically replaced the casino’s legacy analog cameras and video management system (VMS) with an array of network fixed dome, pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) and 360° field of view cameras controlled by a Milestone Xprotect® VMS. The casino also took advantage of embedded video analytics from Agent Vi designed to alert surveillance staff to unauthorized intrusions and to speed up forensic investigations. The next system upgrade was to embed audio analytics from Sound Intelligence to detect aggression, gunshots and car alarms and instantly alert the surveillance team to investigate.


Embedding the cameras with advanced analytics gives surveillance staff more time to spend on the casino floor protecting assets and ensuring the safety of guests and staff. The new surveillance system plays a major role in auditing, verifying supply deliveries, as well as helping to proactively identify possible fraud or misconduct.

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