Maintaining daily life in harmony with Axis

The city of Cayala uses Axis network cameras to provide endless opportunities and amenities to enjoy life in a modern, controlled and safe city

“The biggest challenge was to make Cayala a Safe City. Under this concept, we have managed to return the security, tranquility and quality of life that has been lost in complex cities in which we live today. We are proud of the improvements in the quality of life of our residents and visitors. These changes have been achieved using technology, infrastructure, people and processes, providing everyone with a safe and comfortable environment.” Hector Leal, Engineer/General Manager of Cayala City.


Cayala, born with the foundations of traditional urbanism and surrounded by woods, contains a great natural wealth to its denizens. The 63 combined acres of land that make up the heart of the city include housing, commercial space, recreation areas, offices and medical clinics. Cayala offers dreams and realities in one place for its people. The challenge for the Cayala government is to offer a reliable and secure environment within a country not known for its first-rate security measures.


Cayala has implemented a differentiated security system that provides safety for the people of the city; in less than 30 years, the area has seen a 450% growth in the local economy as compared to its initial value. Therefore, the installation of Axis network cameras in Cayala was vital. The system of Axis products has proven to be unbeatable, as it provides a wide range of possible applications in the city. Currently, Cayala has more than 740 Axis network cameras installed throughout the project along with two monitoring centers. The city selected cameras that were both vandal-resistant and designed for outdoor use. With varying climates, they also implemented cameras that would thrive regardless of rain or fluctuating lighting conditions.


Without previous security presence in the area, surveillance is now an intricate feature within the city of Cayala. International consultants developed one of the most efficient security plans in Latin America, and with the addition of Axis network cameras and further safety equipment, it became possible to contribute to the concept of “Safe City,” combining human resources and management to have a create an intuitive approach through observation, communication and information management. All of these factors are obtained through the different technology platforms on each Axis product.

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