Broadcasting with Axis cameras from tourism attraction Bâlea Lake

Beauties of the landscape shared with tourists using 4K and full HD cameras, to simplify trip planning and introduce the area

“Bâlea Lake is one of the most beautiful regions in Europe and we hope to become a real attraction for our country. We needed a technological solution useful to broadcast live images from Bâlea. These help tourists discover this beautiful landscape. The integrated solution with Axis and NetRex implemented by Brahms International found answers to all of our requests and is helping us to achieve our aims.” Mrs. Regina Klingeis - Associate, Cabana Bâlea Lake, IF Klingeis.


Bâlea Lake is one of Romania’s most important heritage sites and it is a very important tourist location, with visitors often spending an extended period exploring weather conditions, traffic or finding images online before visiting this unique and attractive area. With regards to this knowledge, Mrs. Regina Klingeis, Associate, Cabana Bâlea Lac, IF Klingeis, was looking for an effective solution that would allow potential visitors to see live streaming images from the Bâlea Lake area.


The optimal solution was found in usage of two Axis network cameras, along with the CamStreamer software developed by NetRex. This application was installed in the Axis cameras using AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP). The live streaming generated by the AXIS P1428-E and AXIS P1365-E Network Cameras can be easily accessed from anywhere, any time and by anyone with an Internet connection. By using the live streaming capability, the integrator eliminated the need for a central DVR, NVR, PC or server. The decision to use Axis cameras was made based on the quality of the images and the reliability of the products in the severe weather conditions of the Romanian mountains.


Thanks to this surveillance solution installation, Bâlea Lake area is now closer than ever to all those that love this place and to all tourists who plan to visit it. Tourists can follow live images from Bâlea Lake natural reservation and plan their trip, based on the local situation and weather. The live streams are online, can be accessed remotely in just a few seconds and are active 24/7 via YouTube. Axis IP cameras deliver excellent images, in both 4K and full HD resolution.

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