Kazakhstan’s smart intersections

Axis network cameras provide traffic safety in major cities in the Republic of Kazakhstan

“Kazakhstan’s regions have a severe continental climate, with large temperature swings. From the moment the system went on-line, Axis equipment has proven to be highly reliable, simple to connect, and easy to set up. It has high image quality and good light sensitivity.” Agzashev Orynbek, Head of the Automation and Electronic Services Department of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ministry of Internal Affairs Administrative Policy Committee


Police in the Republic of Kazakhstan tasked the integrator with designing and installing a system that would automate surveillance of traffic safety as much as possible in the country’s large cities that have complex road infrastructure. The key functions of the new system were monitoring traffic, preventing and detecting traffic violations, and quickly responding to such violations.


In order to meet the challenges of this project, an automated “Smart Intersection” system was developed based on a video network built using AXIS P1354-E and AXIS P1357-E Network Cameras. Integrated with the existing video surveillance system of the Center for Real-Time Management of Police Forces and Equipment, the new network, which currently includes 246 cameras, has allowed the police to quickly respond when a wanted vehicle shows up on the screen. For smart video processing, the developer chose software from Integra-S.


Implementation of the new system with Axis network cameras resulted in a significant reduction in fatalities and injuries for motorists on the monitored road sections. Police specialists believe this was a result of the powerful preventive impact of the operating video surveillance system on drivers who have a tendency to violate traffic rules.

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