Axis network cameras drive security at Yarra Honda

State-of-the-art surveillance system provides security for Australia’s most modern Honda dealership

“There was no alternative to installing an IP solution like this. I will only use products and systems that can perform at the highest level and the Axis network camera solution provided the range, flexibility and value that I needed.“ Chris Giouris, Group IT&T Manager, Yarra Honda.


Located 5 minutes from Melbourne’s city center, Yarra Honda opened new premises in March 2009 and is Melbourne’s only inner city Honda dealer. The team at Yarra Honda wanted to take the best preventative measures to ensure the security and integrity of their new innercity Melbourne premises, and the wide range of Honda models and other vehicles kept there, by installing a full IP security and surveillance solution.


Yarra Honda engaged Axis partner Alphawest to recommend and install a surveillance solution. Axis distributor LAN 1 was also involved to provide added value in the solution. After performing a detailed scope of the dealership and the primary areas that required surveillance coverage, the Alphawest and LAN 1 team provided a recommendation for the cameras and layout best suited for those positions. AXIS 209FD, AXIS 216MFD, AXIS 216FD and AXIS Q1755 Network Cameras were installed to monitor the whole building including the main sales floor, office areas and entire facility perimeter.


The security system has already captured a number of incidents that would not have been addressed otherwise, while also working as a management tool to ensure the sales floor is never left unattended and all areas of the building can be monitored. “Since the camera system went live during Easter 2009 we have been able to identify and follow up a number of incidents that might have been missed otherwise, while the remote access capability gives us the flexibility to review recordings from any location. The system also helps improve our customer service with displays in the dealership workroom running live vision from the sales floor so we are able to identify when there are unattended customers on site,” said Chris Giouris, Group IT&T Manager, Yarra Honda.

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