National Gallery of Denmark – priceless art pieces protected by discreet Axis cameras

Axis network cameras allow gallery visitors to focus on the artwork without being distracted by cameras and cables

“Our exhibition designers find the cameras fantastic. We’re not used to hearing that.“ Mike Coffman, Security Manager at the National Gallery of Denmark.


The National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) in Copenhagen is the Danish government’s main museum for visual arts. The gallery has approximately 115 employees and 60 students who occupy the building. Extremely valuable and priceless artworks are on public display in the galleries. While the art pieces must be protected from theft and damage, the employees and the thousands of people visiting the gallery daily must also be safe and secure in the building. In 2012 the entire CCTV system was extensively upgraded. An important consideration was that the cameras should be discreet and not distract attention from the paintings, and that they should also be easy to move, as the building is often reorganized internally.


Approximately 60 analog cameras were replaced with AXIS P3304 Network Cameras, which mainly monitor the public areas of the gallery. The video management software, Mirasys NVR 5.1, was supplied by the Finnish company Mirasys. SMK still has a large number of analog cameras in the system, but the plan is to replace even more of these with IP cameras. The remaining analog cameras are currently connected to AXIS Q7406 Video Encoders that convert the analog signal to IP and in that way even the older cameras are integrated into the system. This solution was developed jointly with Axis partner G4S in Denmark.


Everyone involved in the installation is satisfied with this new system. Gallery visitors – the most important group – do not even notice the cameras. Exhibition designers need not concern themselves with the cameras, as they are discreet and easy to locate. The security manager can simply install cameras after reconfiguration, while security guards appreciate the advantages provided by the system. They can design their own views with the cameras located in their area and also see the exact location of each camera in the building using floor plans. Since the entire system is based on an open platform, it can be simply upgraded in line with rapid technological development. There are also plans to exploit the opportunities of using intelligent applications, for example, to calculate the number of visitors and analyze how they move around the building.

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