Axis IP video helps to improve drugstore operations

Security video surveillance is enhanced with video analysis applications

We are quite satisfied with the improvements we have experienced thanks to the implementation of technologies such as the IP video, as they help us not only to make our business safer, but to improve its operation and optimize the resources.“ Alfredo Castelló, Drugstore Manager.


The drugstore owned by Pharmacist Alfreo Castelló is a family business that has been operating for over 40 years. Taking advantage of a remodeling and renovation of the store in May 2011, they decided to incorporate a series of security and management technologies in order to turn the location into one of the most technologically advanced drugstores in the region.


When modernizing the security system the company decided, among other things, to replace the analog video surveillance system with an IP video system made up of four Axis network cameras. Thanks to advice from AMH Systemas, an Axis partner, the system incorporates Netcamara video management software, which in addition to a complete video analysis applications suite, makes it possible to integrate the video surveillance system with the drugstore management system, Farmatic.


The implementation of a carefully chosen combination of equipment and technologies has enabled the employees in the drugstore to be better prepared and organized, have a greater control of the business and improve the operations and management of a variety of aspects related to the everyday activity of a drugstore of this kind.

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