IP video improves operations in retail store chain

Axis network video solutions help identify risks in a chain of children’s clothing stores

“We have a high opinion of this Axis product-based solution, which has an excellent quality/investment ratio. We were pleasantly surprised that the product life cycle is so long, and we have practically never had any problems with the cameras.“ Santiago Navas, Systems Manager of Neck & Neck.


Neck & Neck is a Spanish-owned company dedicated to the design, production, distribution and sales of clothing for children aged 0 to 14. It began operating in the children’s clothing market in 1993 and currently has close to 200 stores in 11 countries. In 2010, it registered a turnover of nearly €50 million. It has around 140 stores in Spain, of which it owns 110, while the rest are franchises. The company’s stores are generally similar, with the same employee profile and identical decoration. They introduce 7 collections every six months and offer more than 800 references, with a large variety of exclusively designed motifs, prints and accessories.


IP video is used for people counting, which serves to complement the work done by regional delegates, who are in charge of supervising the operations of many stores. Neck & Neck worked with a company specialized in people counting systems and began an implementation project. However, a year and a half later, the supplier went bankrupt and was unable to provide their products and services. As theirs was a proprietary system, it became necessary to seek alternatives.


After analyzing several proposals and platforms, Neck & Neck opted for Axis partner Mirame.net, a company with a long track record in providing IP video solutions for retail establishments. Their suggestion was to use IP video cameras with AXIS People Counter software.

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