Axis protects University of Aberdeen now and in the future

University of Aberdeen builds a future-proof IP-surveillancesystem using Axis network cameras and encoders

"We have been very impressed with the image quality offered by the new Axis system. The previous system delivered images which rarely identified individuals caught on camera in a way in which they could be positively identified. But we now have absolute certainty that those who are captured will be identifiable which is very reassuring, particularly if we need to show the images to thelocal police if a crime has been committed,"William Stevenson, Assistant Estates Director for Support Services, University ofAberdeen.


After the University of Aberdeen conducted a strategic review of security, the university decided to rationalize four stand-alone analog CCTV systems and establish a central control room for the entire university. The four systems varied in age and the university wanted a single system which would feature new cameras as well as including existing analog cameras. The system would have to offer the flexibility to cope with future expansion, and to eliminate stand-alone proprietary systems that risked obsolescence.


William Stevenson, Assistant Estates Director for Support Services at the University of Aberdeen led the project for the university. He appointed surveillance system integrators Arthur McKay, who had extensive experience in network video projects. Arthur McKay installed 20 AXIS 233D Network Cameras, with 10 AXIS 241Q Encoders deployed to convert 35 existing analog-based CCTV cameras. A new Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) carried video data from a total of 55 cameras deployed in the new system. Images were stored on a RAID 5 SCSI device with 12 Terabytes (TB) of data capacity, with Milestone XProtect® Enterprise network video recording software Version 6.0e with Milestone XProtect® Smart Client used for management and viewing of images.


Image quality has improved dramatically, ensuring that images submitted to the local police can be used as evidence. Thirty-five of the existing analog cameras that were still serviceable have been integrated into the new surveillance system to keep costs down. Morale amongst the security team has improved as the new technology helps make their job easier. The system can be scaled further to accommodate growth across the university's campus.

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