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AXIS Guardian

An eye-opening surveillance solution for security and alarm monitoring companies

Your eyes and ears on the ground

Introducing AXIS Guardian – a cloud-based surveillance service platform, tailored to the needs of Alarm monitoring providers.

  • The setup includes network video cameras and a variety of analytics and security devices, all watching over customer premises 24/7.
  • As your constant eyes and ears on the ground, AXIS Guardian complements the efforts of guard and law enforcement personnel in several powerful ways. This raises the quality (and value) of your operation while lowering operating costs.
To see or not to see

To go or not to go?

With AXIS Guardian in place, your customers can rest easy. They know that somebody is looking out for any lurking hazard or threat, using advanced video, audio and alarm functions.

  • AXIS Guardian allows you to visually verify whether an alarm is real or false – and respond accordingly. Many times without dispatching personnel to the site.
  • With guards and law enforcement personnel going out much less often, the operation can become more effective, achieving more for less.

Full access

AXIS Guardian is a two-in-one security offering – a fully integrated alarm and surveillance service.

  • It protects customer premises and facilities at all hours – not just when your guards happen to come by.
  • Your customers can access the Guardian network themselves at any time and see directly what, if anything, is happening on site.

1. Customer site 2. Internet 3. Customer access 4. Alarm monitoring

Subscription-based and cost effective

The Guardian solution is offered by AXIS as a subscription based fully hosted service.

  • Your upfront investment is minimal and you control running costs down to the dime, without any surprises later.
  • The system is operated and managed by Axis in the cloud from day one, always using the latest software version.
  • Installation is exceptionally easy. AXIS Guardian plugs right in to the existing alarm system, and new devices can be added with a single click.
  • Relying on Axis, a world-leading provider of network surveillance solutions, will give you peace of mind, too.