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Products and solutions

AXIS Companion video surveillance solution

  • Professional solution with affordable cameras, recorders, software and accessories that leverage Axis quality

  • User friendly software and system components that meet the requirements of small business

  • Secure access to video from remote using mobile device or PC

Simplicity from system set-up to usage

Video surveillance is set up using the dedicated AXIS Companion cameras that connect to the AXIS Companion Recorder, which stores 1-2 months of recording. The solution is built around the AXIS Companion software, which automatically configures the system at setup and allows the user to view live or recorded video on a PC or mobile device, regardless of where they are.

Cybersecurity built right in

Any device that is connected to the internet opens for a possible cyber-attack. To accommodate to the reality of small business – where every aspect is the concern of a single business owner – AXIS Companion has cybersecurity built right in the system for an easier and more controlled approach. This well-packaged cybersecurity includes for example the securing of all communication in the system with Axis Secure Remote Access and the easy upgrade of all firmware through the PC client.

Proven solutions for small businesses

“The cameras, just being there, create a sense of security. And you can always rewind to see what happened.”

Please note!

AXIS Companion IP cameras and AXIS Companion Recorders only work with AXIS Companion software and mobile app.