Risk and risk management

Axis is an international group with operations and customers all over the world and is thus exposed to a number of different risks in its everyday operations. The risk management at Axis aims to minimize the risks but also to ensure that opportunities are utilized in the best way in order to facilitate a continued rapid expansion of operations.

Axis’ risks can be principally divided into external risk, business risk and financial risk. The work of managing and adapting to the risk exposure that the group is subject to continues on an ongoing basis.

  Risk Risk management Risk management level
External risk
  • Global macroeconomic trends.
  • Global political development.
  • Natural disasters
  • Monthly sales and business intelligence reports.
  • Act as information provider and gain local knowledge.
  • Ongoing competence and capacity assessment of suppliers.
  • Group management and board level
Business risk
  • Technology shift
  • Technology acceptance
  • Competitors
  • Ongoing training of customers and system integrators.
  • Quality and competence assurance.
  • Market analysis and competitive analysis.
  • Group management and regional manager level
Financial and insurable risk
  • Financing risk
  • Currency risk
  • Credit risk
  • The finance policy states that the group must have credit facilities with at least one bank.
  • Ongoing credit assessment of customers.
  • Advance payments or letters of credit are employed when risk is considered too high.
  • Group management, board and finance department level
Function-specific risk
  • IT
  • HR
  • Operations
  • Continuous evaluation and security tests.
  • Ongoing competence and capacity evaluation.
  • Business and market analysis.
  • Division level