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Job Location Application deadline
HR Administrator H/F Bagneux 20/01/2019
Mjukvaruutvecklare till Smart Cam teamet Sweden - Lund 06-JAN-2019
Office and Management Assistant Munich/Ismaning 11-Jan-2019
Supply Chain Coordinator US-MA-Chelmsford Dec-31-2018
Internal Control Analyst Sweden - Lund 21-DEC-2018
Technical Services Engineer – German speaking Sweden - Lund 13-JAN-2019
Master thesis – ESD protection Sweden - Lund
Master Thesis – Audio electronic design Sweden - Lund
Thesis - Upgrade strategies for a microservice system Sweden - Lund
Inside Sales Account Executive (India) (Temp) India 26-DEC-2018
Sales Development Representative US-MA-Chelmsford 15-JAN-2019
Distribution Account Manager (Sydney) (1 year) Australia 26-DEC-2018
Systems Technology Engineer – Core Technologies Sweden - Lund 07-JAN-2019
Embedded developer - experienced Sweden - Lund 14-DEC-2018
Elektronikingenjör Sweden - Lund 28-DEC-2018
Master thesis – Analysis of network management support services Sweden - Lund
Project Manager - 3D CAD Designer Sweden - Lund 02-JAN-2019
Data Coordinator, Lead Generation US-MA-Chelmsford Dec-31-2018
Account Executive, Industry Associations US-MA-Chelmsford Dec-31-2018
Senior Segment Marketing Milan area, Italy 31/10/2018
Technical Event Coordinator (Freelancer) Munich/Ismaning 21-DEC-2018
Technical Service Engineer Singapore 06-FEB-2019
Office Coordinator, Chicago USA-IL-Chicago 28-Feb-2019
Regional Sales Manager, Long Island USA-NY-Long Island 28-JAN-2019
Fixed Camera & Radar embedded developer Sweden - Lund 23-DEC-2018
Director Of Marketing US-MA-Chelmsford 30-NOV-2018
Technical Services Engineer (Bilingual - Spanish/Portuguese with English) USA-MA-Chelmsford 31-DEC-2018
Channel Coordinator, Operations US-MA-Chelmsford Dec-15-2018
Senior Technical Events Engineer US-MA-Chelmsford 30-NOV-2018
Process Development Engineer -Operations, Supply Chain. Sweden - Lund 28-DEC-2018
Solutions Development Specialist, Professional Services USA-MA-Chelmsford 28-DEC-2018
Inside Sales Account Manager, UK & Ireland UK - Luton 31-JAN-2019
Software Engineer @ Firmware System - Firmware Platform Sweden - Lund 21-DEC-2018
Account Manager (West Region) India 30-JAN-2019
Embedded developer – Network Door Stations & New Initiatives Sweden - Lund 19-DEC-2018
Distribution Analyst-Bilingual Spanish Preferred US-MA-Chelmsford Dec-31-2018
Embedded developer with skills Sweden - Lund 20-DEC-2018
Förbättringsledare Sweden - Lund 19-DEC-2018
Inside Sales Account Executive, Midwest USA-IL-Chicago 28-Dec-2018
Regional Small Business Manager - Northern Europe Lund, Sweden 21-DEC-2018
Thesis - Enable more advanced concurrent features on the web with WebAssembly Sweden - Lund
Testingenjör New Business Web Applications Sweden - Lund 14-DEC-2018
Product Specialists, Video Analytics Sweden - Lund 18-DEC-2018
Webbutvecklare med fokus på frontend - New Business Sweden - Lund 17-DEC-2018
Marketing Events Coordinator Canada - ON - Mississauga 01-JAN-2019
Master Thesis - Radar Sweden - Lund
Lab Technician Sweden - Lund 21-DEC-2018
Inside Sales Account Manager - Italy Milan, Italy 31/01/2019
Patent Engineer – Research & Development Sweden - Lund 06-JAN-2019
Regional Sales Manager, CT USA -CT- Hartford 28-Dec-2018
Marketing Digital, Segment Specialist Poland - Warsaw 14-JAN-2018
Field Sales Engineer, Ohio USA-OH- Columbus 28-Jan-2019
National Sales Manager (Australia) Australia
Regional Sales Manager, Florida USA - FL - Fort Lauderdale 28-Jan-2019
Master thesis – 3D-printing tools for injection molding Sweden - Lund
Technical Services Engineer USA-MA-Chelmsford 31-DEC-2018
Technical Trainer, Midwest USA-IL-Chicago 28-JAN-2019
Master Thesis – Testing the tests Sweden - Lund
Master Thesis - De-centralized Cloud Based Device Maintenance Sweden - Lund
Thesis - Scale device management Sweden - Lund
Master Thesis - Frontend analytics Sweden - Lund
Thesis - Retail analytics using radar technology Sweden - Lund
Master Thesis - Spatio-temporal image denoising using RNN Sweden - Lund
Key Account Manager, Midwest USA-IL-Chicago 28-Dec-2018
Regional Sales Manager, Southern California USA-CA-Los Angeles 28-Dec-2018
Regional Sales Manager, Arkansas USA -AR-Little Rock 28-Dec-2018
Thesis - Object tracking using 3D radar at 77GHz Sweden - Lund
Regional Director, LATAM Mexico-MX Dec-31-2018
Thesis - Hot Androids: Creating a thermal (LWIR) image processing pipeline to run on an Android/mobile embedded platform Sweden - Lund
Master Thesis - Detecting gas compounds and smells Sweden - Lund
Regional Sales Manager, Cleveland USA - OH - Cleveland 28-Dec-2018
Distribution Account Manager, South Eastern Europe Croatia - Zagreb 11-JAN-2019
Regional Sales Manager, Fort Worth USA - TX - Fort Worth 28-Dec-2018
Business Development Manager (2N)- Northeast USA - NY - Manhattan 28-Dec-2018
Thesis - Visualize activities in an access controlled environment Sweden - Lund
Marketing & Events Intern USA-IL-Chicago 21/12/2018
Office Coordinator, South Central USA-TX-Irving 28-Dec-2018
Recruiter USA - MA - Chelmsford 28-Dec-2018
South East Asia Sales Manager/Director Singapore 25-DEC-2018
Experienced embedded developer Sweden - Lund 16-DEC-2018
Regional Sales Manager, Northern Plains USA-ND-Fargo 28-Dec-2018
Field Sales Engineer, South Central USA-CO- Denver 28-DEC-2018
Regional Sales Manager, DC USA-DC-WASHINGTON 28-Dec-2018
Key Account Manager-China(Beijing) China-Beijing 31/12/2018
Regional Sales Manager-China(Beijing) China-Beijing 31/12/2018
Master Thesis - A study of the Axis APIs Sweden - Lund
Master Thesis - Traceability in continuous integration pipelines using the Eiffel protocol Sweden - Lund
Master Thesis - Video database processing software Sweden - Lund
Master Thesis - Enhancing Analysis of Hardware Design Verification Metrics Using Machine Learning & Data Visualization Sweden - Lund
Thesis - Separate the UI of an Axis product from the firmware Sweden - Lund
Thesis - Allocate and optimize installation of Axis devices by using an application Sweden - Lund
Regional Sales Manager, Southwest USA - AZ - Phoenix 28-Nov-2018
General Thesis Application Sweden - Lund