Tackling unwanted vehicle blocks with parking violation detection

Jerome Douret This post is written by Jerome Douret who is VP Innovation and Products at Citilog. Read more about Jerome at the end of this post.

Illegally or wrongly parked vehicles present a nuisance to private property owners, causing blockages, delaying the flow of business and revenue. They could also present a potential health and safety risk. This is why private property owners are turning increasingly to technology to meet the challenge of parking violations.

Vehicles waiting in slip roads or drop-off zones can create an unwanted headache for private landowners. For example, we have heard from an airport management firm that has an ongoing issue with taxis parking on a private road, blocking vital delivery access. We also know of concert halls frustrated by the amount of time cars spend setting down and picking up passengers. And I’m sure many of us have experienced chaos at the school gates…

Parking presents an even bigger challenge. On private property, parking is a civil matter rather than a criminal one, so the police cannot get involved in removing vehicles. In some countries, such as the UK, changes to the law mean that wheel clamping and towing are no longer an option for landowners.

So how can private property owners detect and deter parking violations on their land and create an accessible, welcoming environment for those who really need it?

Using video analytics to identify and resolve parking violations

One solution that private owners are turning to is parking violation detection technology. Many modern video surveillance cameras – often those already installed on site – allow monitoring technology to be installed that can assess areas and flag when a vehicle is blocking a restricted zone or has spent too long in a waiting zone.

Parking violation detection technology triggers a warning whenever a vehicle is positioned in a restricted area for more than a set period of time. This empowers the private landowner to issue a warning, either by alerting wardens in the area to approach the vehicle and speak to the driver, or via the public address system.

Analytics support helps drive future strategy

Video analytics technology can learn from activity over time where the biggest trouble spots are, the times of day or week that blockages happen, average wait times and more. This information is extremely useful for private landowners as they plan policy and infrastructure.

At a time when organizations are under ever-increasing pressure to do more with less, parking violation detection technology can really help reduce the cost and impact of nuisance parking.

Parking violation detection technology not only protects your staff and members of the public, but it can also help reduce unwanted blockages that can have a direct impact on your business performance and reputation. It’s cost-effective and provides valuable data insights to help organizations plan their future infrastructure strategy.

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Jerome Douret is VP Innovation and Products at Citilog. With a PhD in video analytics and 19 years of field experience within mobility and traffic, Jerome has a deep understanding of the challenges and technologies in mobility.

He joined Citilog 14 years ago and contributed to establishing the company as a global player within the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) industry. He now helps to make cities smarter by pushing new solutions and technologies within the Axis group to address mobility challenges.