Who are 2018’s top security tech influencers?

Atul Rajput

We are proud to share that Dr Martin Gren has been recognised as IFSEC International’s top influencer in security & fire in 2018, with Johan Paulsson taking the second spot.


Martin Gren
Dr Martin Gren, co-founder Axis Communications

More than 20 years ago in 1996, we at Axis achieved one of our biggest milestones. The invention of the world’s first IP camera, the Neteye 200, revolutionised the physical security industry, transforming video surveillance from its analogue and forensic past, to a real-time and intelligent future.

And since then we haven’t stopped innovating. Propelled forward by our co-founder Dr Martin Gren and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) John Paulsson, our business has grown from a small print server company to become one of the market leaders in not only network video, but also access control, IP audio and more. Crucial to our success has been a continued drive to improve technology in a way that makes our world safer and smarter.

We have been working hard to help improve industry regulations, promote industry best practices and reduce our environmental footprint. That is why we are proud to share that Dr Martin Gren has been recognised as IFSEC International’s top influencer in security & fire in 2018, with Johan Paulsson taking the second spot.

Global leaders in security technology

Johan Paulsson
Johan Paulsson, CTO Axis Communications

There are a number of ways IFSEC International defines ‘influence’. These include someone who has played a key role in driving technological innovation; been a force for change in regulations, standards or best practice; whose opinions are widely respected and influential in shaping debate around industry issues; who has been instrumental in the success of an organisation or business; and helped raise the industry’s profile or been an important voice in the national media.

Dr Martin Gren epitomises this definition. Topping the list in 2013 and never outside of the top 10, under his stewardship Axis Communications now has more than 2,700 dedicated employees in more than 50 countries around the world. Dr Martin Gren was awarded the King’s Medal from the Swedish Royal Court in 2015 for “significant contributions to Swedish industry”.

As too does Johan Paulsson deserve such recognition. He has been the CTO of Axis since 2008; he is responsible for the company’s innovative security surveillance solutions and is involved in R&D, Product Management and Solution Management. He is an established and well-respected member of the Swedish tech scene and was instrumental in bringing Axis’ award winning Axis Zipstream compression technology to the market.

Ensuring innovation through sustainability

While pioneering technology can get a business so far, it is important this is underpinned by a future-proofed business model. We do this through our commitment to sustainable values, which helps truly deliver a smarter, safer world. We work hard to guarantee our business is sustainable and transparent; part of innovating technology is making sure any new product is, for example, manufactured with less PVC plastics, is cybersecure, and installed by partners that follow the same sustainable principles. We’re proud to have Dr Martin Gren and Johan Paulsson leading the charge on these fronts.

Learn more about Axis’ dedication to innovation through sustainable business values in our latest whitepaper: http://www.axis-communications.com/sustainability-wp