Protecting the world’s data centers

    Data centers have become an intrinsic part of modern society. Both public and private spheres depend on them to function, be it for local or remote operations, the flow of information and connectivity, digital transformation and improved services, smart cities, intelligence gathering, or data storage purposes. And with the vertical forecast to grow at a … Continued

      Energy efficiency in the data center: where every watt counts

      If the growth in the number and scale of data centers has been inexorable over recent years, it has only accelerated during the pandemic. As work and education has shifted from offices, schools and colleges to the kitchen table and lounge, our reliance on the internet and cloud-based services has also increased significantly. As a … Continued

        How to improve physical security of data centers through device interoperability

        Many businesses now rely on data centers to house the vast volumes of data they produce on a daily basis. Data centers offer convenience, enabling high-capacity data storage that allows companies to do away with servers stored on-premises, and their associated maintenance and management costs. Much has been written about the high levels of cybersecurity … Continued

          How increasing drone use is ushering in a new threat vector for data centers

          Drones are becoming big business. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is predicted to see huge increases as their legitimate function within enterprise environments such as agriculture, construction, media, and law enforcement deliver significant operational benefits. But the expected growth of drones, given by one source to be as much as 67% CAGR over … Continued

            What are the cybersecurity issues in video surveillance?

            Cybersecurity should be an ongoing concern for consumers and companies in every sector, within their own organizations, amongst their stakeholders and throughout supply chains. The video surveillance industry is no exception. Far from the days of CCTV cameras, which held little to no information and were not connected to a network, the advances in digital … Continued