Enhancing airfield safety and security

    The digital apron and digital tower are some of the latest airport innovations to enhance operational efficiency through real-time data awareness. But whether leveraging the advantages of this kind of digital management system or optimizing the operational efficiency of the traditional apron and control tower, real time surveillance data from across the airfield remains crucial. … Continued

      6 questions you may have forgotten to ask when developing your perimeter protection plan

      It takes more to protect a perimeter than simply building a tall fence topped with barbed wire. A well-secured perimeter contains myriad layers of defenses reinforced with robust security solutions. More than ever before, organizations are realizing the value of stopping criminals well before they can damage property, or hurt customers or employees. In fact, … Continued

        Using surveillance technology to drive operational efficiency in airports

        Right now, airports around the world are challenged with capacity. As passenger confidence returns, this has been met by staff shortages, meaning that many airports have struggled to cope with demand. As a result, long delays have impacted the customer experience. While security departments brace against the challenge that high capacity brings, there is economic … Continued

          Understanding the options and costs of airport perimeter protection

          It is no surprise that having robust perimeter protection to mitigate against the threat of intrusion is a top priority for airports. In an updated whitepaper, we review some of the technical options available to airports to effectively deter and detect perimeter intrusion in the most cost-efficient way. Addressing the challenges of airport perimeter protection … Continued