Surveillance technology to protect endangered rhinos

We like to think that our technology delivers great value for all of our customers, but sometimes we’re involved in projects that make us feel really proud. The security installation in South Africa that is helping to protect rhinos from poachers is certainly one of those.

Over the past years, rhino poaching in Africa has increased, as hunters kills rhinos for their valuable horns. According to Save the Rhino, in South Africa alone, one rhino is killed every eight hours. One organization that is trying to put a stop to this, and to ensure that rhinos can continue to thrive in the wild, is the Rhino Pride Foundation Sanctuary in Limpopo, South Africa’s northernmost province.

Providing a secure but natural, free-roaming habitat for the endangered rhinos, the sanctuary cares for more than 40 of the animals at any given time. To prevent poachers, the sanctuary has invested in security measures such as double fencing and 24/7 security patrols using dogs.

However, large perimeters are notoriously difficult to secure. The sheer immensity of the sanctuary’s boundary, as well as fact that it lies in mountainous and isolated terrain, called for additional, high-tech measures. The answer was an advanced security installation based on thermal cameras in combination with video analytics. As no infrastructure and no network were in place, network connectivity was enabled using solar panels with battery backup.

The solar-powered system can pick up movement as far as 300 meters away – even in complete darkness –, and raise early alarms as soon as any suspicious behavior is detected. Combined with network horn speakers to deter potential intruders, this makes it a crucial first line of defense and ensures rangers remain one step ahead of any poachers at all times.

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Perimeter protection technology

There are many ways of protecting a perimeter. One of the main benefits of using cameras together with video analytics is that you can design a system that makes it possible to acknowledge suspect activity before the actual intrusion. The operator can visually verify what is happening before taking action.

Video analytics together with thermal cameras also provides the best detection accuracy in demanding lighting conditions. As thermal cameras are not sensitive to visible light, they are not affected by flashlights, or headlights on cars. If more detail is required, the system can be complemented with optical cameras in combination with additional lighting.

AXIS Perimeter Defender is a video analytics application that is installed directly on the camera. With hundreds of installations every month it is a proven way of securing perimeters. It supports multiple detection scenarios, allowing customers to set it up to match their needs. Axis perimeter protection solutions can easily be integrated into an existing security system together with other components such as floodlights and loudspeakers.