Starting a new conversation with you

Lena Heden

Some people take up a new sport, try a new career, start a business, or invent something cool and innovative. Here at Axis our staff have done some or all of those things over the years. And while starting a blog doesn’t quite compare with inventing IP Video Cameras, we wanted to take advantage of our web-site to start a new conversation with you:  users of security systems – new and old. We hope to give some insight into the kinds of things that we think about, discuss how we can develop the Internet of Things in the security market, discuss news, topics and trends and get your input, too.

Share thoughts on topics in the security market

Our plan for ‘Secure Insights’ is to be a place for Axis bloggers to share their thoughts on industry topics, trends and challenges, and also to get your thoughts & input about this.

We are going to ease ourselves into this – to walk before we can run. But we are open to suggestions for topics you might like to hear from our technical and business experts, or for blog posts of your own that might be suitable for us to share.

We look forward to hearing what you have got to say. Please comments below to start the conversation.