Delivering security for the IJsedal social enterprise

Johan Ledens

At Axis, we’re always proud to support organizations set up to provide opportunities to members of society who might otherwise struggle. Once such organization is IJsedal, based in the beautiful Belgian town of Overijse. Founded in 1969, IJsedal is focused on social employment, providing work opportunities for members of the local community – many with disabilities – who might otherwise find it difficult to find employment in the ‘regular’ labor market. IJsedal currently employs around 135 people, who provide services including painting, gardening, packaging and shipping of goods.

Security a concern for all organizations

Every organization needs to consider safety and security, including the most socially-oriented. Like many mid-sized businesses, the services provided by IJsedal’s employees often require specialized machinery and vehicles including large vans. Unfortunately, in recent years IJsedal has fallen victim to theft, including two of its vans, which prompted the company to consider video surveillance for its publicly-accessible areas. IJsedal’s general manager, Frederik De Broyer, began the search for an appropriate solution, with a focus on easy to use, reliable equipment with high-definition images.

Having had some previous contact with Axis, Frederik approach us and we were delighted to offer our support. The discussion led to us providing a deployment of seven Axis cameras, one covering the organization’s main entrance and six giving a comprehensive overview of the parking area. The installation was a joint venture of Axis and IJsedal, the latter taking charge of the cabling and installation, while an Axis sales engineer was available for advice and configuration.

Discourage, monitor and analyze

The result is an improvement on a number of levels. The continuous monitoring of the parking area will of course allow IJsedal and law enforcement representative to investigate any future instances of theft or vandalism. But hopefully this will prove unnecessary, as the presence of the cameras alone will discourage potential thieves and vandals. Additionally, the cameras allow IJsedal to monitor and analyze the daily traffic in its parking area, in search of possible operational improvements.

Axis cameras contribute to a safer and better world, and we are committed to deliver that for every member of society. By helping less advantaged people, through the associations and organizations set up to help them, we bring safety and security to those that will benefit from it most. In addition to our charity and sponsoring activities, such initiatives help us achieve our corporate goals and uphold our core values as a positive contributor to a better society, both locally and globally. You can read more about our social initiatives in our latest Sustainability Report.