Smart cities, reality or hype?

Andrea Sorri

At Axis, we have been involved with public safety departments in cities around the globe for over 15 years, helping them to install network cameras to keep citizens safe. More recently, the conversations we have been having and the questions we have been hearing seem to indicate a change of paradigm towards smarter cities. But, is the smart city discussion reality or just hype?

And, if smart cities are a reality, then what is the role of public safety and security in that context? With the deluge of data from citizen’s mobile devices, social media and an increasing variety of IoT devices all collecting real time information, what role do video surveillance systems need to play?

Much is being said about digital transformation and it’s not just private companies that are faced with the digital challenge. Cities are also embarking on the digital transformation journey.

As part of this, according to a survey by analyst house IDC, 20 percent of local governments have indicated public safety as a priority when investing in the Internet of Things. Public safety organizations were going to spend over 20 billion US dollars on IoT solutions in 2016 – including noise detection, thermal sensors as well as video surveillance systems.

We asked IDC expert Massimiliano Claps, Associate VP at IDC Government Insights, to explain the drivers behind these smart city trends, and to tell us what the future requirements for video surveillance systems will be. Watch the video here: