A guide to choosing the right door controller for your business

As your businesses starts to grow, there is an increased need to improve security and control who has access to your property. Navigating the door entry systems market can be difficult with so many options, ranging from key cards to facial recognition technology. Access control systems are largely driven by which software and hardware solutions will best serve the individual needs of a business.

One key consideration should be using an open, non-proprietary management platform, which allows for a choice of hardware and software from many vendors. Using an open platform to manage your security network means your access control system is not only able to meet your needs today but can also adapt and scale to fulfil your future requirements.

Protect your investment: Having an open, non-vendor-specific solution means you can invest in best-of breed technology from any provider. With an open platform, new hardware or software can integrate with your existing solution. This means that you can purchase the most cost-effective solution for your current and future business needs. Also, not being restricted to one vendor’s solutions means your system always grows with your business, step-by-step.

Scalability and flexibility: To easily grow your solution, look at starting with what you need and adapting it to your changing needs, in step with your business and your requirements. This flexibility means new demands on functionality can be met throughout the lifetime of your business, regardless of what stage it is at. As you grow, you can smoothly scale-up to suit more complex security demands, such as access control combined with video surveillance.

Which network door controller is right for you?

This infographic can help you understand which is best for your business. Both network door controllers offer true openness, which results in a lack of dependency on proprietary hardware or software. You can use Axis solutions for everything from basic to highly advanced access management. The key is to understand and investigate your options to be able to make the right choice for your access control solution today and in the future.

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