Retailers, are your customers happy?

Ahmed Ouf


If you work in retail and have customer facing responsibilities, the one question you’ve always pondered upon is, “Are my customers happy?”. Seeing customers for who they are and what resonates with them is the beginning of creating a positive and memorable experience and it will be a big focus for us at Seamless Retail 2018, which is taking place from 15 – 16 April, 2018 in Dubai, UAE.

In a shopping center, retail shop, restaurant or hotel, customer satisfaction and happiness should always be the top priority. In a perfect world, every customer wishes for a memorable experience with an unmatched quality of service.

For example, when I walk into a store I would love to have assistance in finding what I am looking for rather than spinning around and being intimidated by the sheer size of the outlet. If the store is too crowded or the queue to the cashier is long and crawling, I’m most likely to lose interest, walk out and go somewhere else. The same applies to when I can’t reach the items on shelves or can’t find them because the path is not clear or is too narrow. A positive experience is crucial to the conversion rate at such outlets.

By learning customer demographics such as high and low foot traffic periods, movement around the store, which part of the store they spend a significant amount of time in, you can enhance both their experience and your conversion rate. What your business needs is to convert visitors into happy regulars and create opportunities of sales with positive word of mouth promotions.

So, how can you put your customer in focus?

Step 1: Get to know your customers better

Profitable conversions and higher customer satisfactions come with understanding your customers and speaking to their needs.

Step 2: React to customers need

Train your staff to take quick action to keep your customers interested and engaged – and above all from leaving your store unsatisfied.

Step 3: Analyze and adapt constantly

Customer satisfaction is an ongoing process based on information gathering, analyzing, continuing to develop and change. The greatest thing offered by customer insights is the potential to improve over time.

Thinking about a way to measure how satisfied your customers are is a good start. The return on satisfied customers is high, but the cost of unsatisfied customers can be higher. Reacting is the vital process after thinking and measuring. Accurate and trusted data always makes a valuable difference. Ultimately, a happy customer is the ideal and best marketing tool a business can have. Now, more than ever, it is easy for retail businesses to use such data for improving profit margins.

Join us and let’s talk about how you can embrace your store’s IQ.