New retail challenges – supported by technology

New Year’s Eve is always filled with plans and wishes for what the new year will look like. This year, no one could have predicted that the world would change so drastically in a matter of weeks. As we all find ourselves navigating completely new and uncharted waters, where social distancing and enforced lockdowns are the norm in many countries, whole societies everywhere are forced to adapt and of course this affects retail too. New strategy development is taking place to adhere to new national and local guidelines, including reopening strategies. In our daily dialogue with retailers around the globe, many questions have arisen about how technology can support them in these changing and challenging times.

New challenges need new solutions and technology is often a great enabler and can support well trained and adaptive staff, and good processes to get the job done. Technology can help address some of the demands put on brick-and-mortar retailers as a result of the pandemic.

Analytics to manage occupancy

Video analytics in combination with network cameras can be used to monitor occupancy at a certain location as well as distancing and compliance with rules for use of facemasks. When combined with audio solutions, technology can be used to manage customer flows, remind people to keep a distance, or advise to comply with other recommendations. Occupancy information can be displayed at entrances to assist guards and enable customers to take decision to enter, or not, based on live data. Access control with touchless credential technologies reduces the number of touchpoints.

It is apparent that technology providers have an active role in guiding retailers in their strategic work of managing new situations. Challenges with implementing new technologies do however remain the same as pre-2020 and must be addressed to achieve the important objective of keeping people safe. Robust solutions, well planned deployments and responsive long-term support are as important as ever.

We are here to help

Please know that Axis retail team is here at your disposal. We are committed to providing you with the information you need to make responsible, effective decisions that help prioritize your resources. We welcome your comments, feedback and questions.