All aboard the UITP train

As you may be aware, the UITP International Rail Conference and SITCE will be taking place in Singapore, 9-11 July 2018. As part of the show, I will be hosting a panel about “The benefits of digitalisation for rail security – and its (cyber) – challenges” on 11th July at 09:00 in L4, Peony Junior 1 Ballroom.

Ahead of the show, I wanted to give you a sneak peek about what you can expect from my participation and what I think will be the key focuses of the event.

How to grow the public transport sector

Public transport is a very important global market. If everyone were to ditch their cars and motorbikes, it would be better for the environment, save the consumer money, be faster and more convenient. However, this will never be a reality if public transport does not have a good enough system to take us to where we want to go and it is not considered safe and secure.

In my role as Director of Business Development at Axis, I need to make sure we offer the best solutions to help the transport sector to grow. To grow, public transport needs to be able to offer passengers an efficient, safe and secure option for getting from A to B. Therefore public transport providers need to address the key issues of protecting passengers and making cost-efficient operational and business decisions.

Humans must always be at the center of discussions around “public” transport, as the systems and solutions implemented are ultimately there to efficiently transport people safely across all their modes of travel, 24/7. By combining solutions for digital and networked video surveillance, access control, audio, radar and other security infrastructures, public transport can improve its safety, security and efficiencies.

The public transport evolution

The global trend of digitalization and the use of artificial intelligence has long been innovating in the general security sector, but is now developing rapidly for use in public transport security. UITP this year will be focusing on railways in particular and the rail sector is a great example of how this new technology is being used to focus on their customers, the passengers.

With the benefits of digitalization and the use of artificial intelligence it is also important to recognize the potential new threats these technologies can bring. Cyber security will be a key part of my talk at the show and a hot topic in the area of digitalization. In the panel discussion, we will be analyzing the public transport sector’s intelligent security digitalization and the unfortunately very real cyber threats the industry now faces. This will include both threat and risk analysis, lessons learnt, good practices in processes and technologies that really work, as well as further considerations. We will also debate the use of artificial intelligence and deep learning and look at the international video surveillance trends in this area.

What to expect from the future

Axis has undertaken a joint survey with UITP, which found that almost 70% of public transport organisations use IP surveillance today. At SITCE I will be elaborating on these findings to open the discussion up to talk about the future of video in the public transport sector, as well as significant news in the trends of video surveillance.

Be sure to also keep an eye out after the summer holidays for our upcoming UITP brief on this topic, due in September, with the full survey report being published later in the fall.