IP cameras – don’t leave your network door open

    While the vision of IoT is enticing for the convenience, capabilities and flexibility vast networks of connected devices offer, there is a growing risk for security threats and breaches as the number of entry points into a network dramatically increases.  In a recent survey by Cisco, 73% of business decision makers said they expect the […]

      Eyewitness testimony: What did you really see?

      Eyewitness testimony has become an important area of research in cognitive psychology and human memory. In court cases, juries tend to believe eyewitness testimony and generally see it as a reliable source of information when it comes to identifying perpetrators, or discussing details of a crime scene. However, how much of what witnesses say is […]

        Differences in how surveillance in public transport is regulated

        The legal regulations for video surveillance vary widely from country to country. The international association of public transport, UITP have asked their members in an international survey how the various aspects of legal framework regulates the use of video. They also investigated the values and opinions among the public transport operators and transit authorities of […]

          20 years with IP-camera, an early adopter tells his story

          Over 20 years on from the introduction of the AXIS NetEye 200, we speak with Finn Humborstad – one of the first adopters of the original IP-camera and Axis Partner of almost 20 years. Finn works with Triangel Consulting as a Senior IT Consultant. Finn, can you tell us about your first installation of an IP-camera? […]