Reducing the costs of video surveillance

    It’s an obvious thing to say, but there isn’t a business anywhere which doesn’t have an interest in reducing costs wherever possible, without negatively impacting performance. When it comes to security, of course, any efforts to control costs must be balanced finely against the potential effect on the organisation’s exposure to risk. Video surveillance – […]

      Network cameras provide ATM security you can rely on

      We often hear people (usually our parents or spouses) tell us we should keep an eye on our spending. Not as often are we told to keep an eye on our cash withdrawals. But apparently, the simple process of getting cash from the ubiquitous ATM is something a lot of us worry about. A recent […]

        Making Smart Video Resilient to Cyber-Threats in Smart Cities

        In 2016, IDC predicted that: “By 2019, countries with 50% of their midsize to large cities in the repeatable stage or higher of smart city maturity will be more successful in country digitization efforts” and that: “City government systems will become attractive cyberattack targets and in 2017 at least one major city will suffer a […]

          Surveillance technology to protect endangered rhinos

          We like to think that our technology delivers great value for all of our customers, but sometimes we’re involved in projects that make us feel really proud. The security installation in South Africa that is helping to protect rhinos from poachers is certainly one of those. Over the past years, rhino poaching in Africa has […]