Next stop: a lasting sense of citizen security

Andrea Sorri

The explosive growth in urban population and commuter traffic forces many cities to rethink how they manage citizen security and their urban transport systems.

This was certainly the case for the city of Vicente López just north of Buenos Aires. A large percentage of its population of around 300,000 commute daily to Buenos Aires – and elsewhere in the province – via rail, bus, or car. The sharp increase in commuter traffic put demands on the city to modernize and expand its outdated video surveillance system. The lack of integration possibilities and the poor image quality in the existing 80 cameras wasn’t sufficient to provide effective monitoring, or to serve as proof in the courts.

A regional reference for safe city projects

In 2012, the local government embarked on a 5-year project aiming to improve safety and security for its citizens. The project was so successful that Vicente López has become a regional center of best practice, with delegations from various countries visiting to learn about the installation.

Watch the video above to hear Vicente López representatives tell the story of what happened between 2012 and today.