Top reasons to invest in an open network door station

Karl Hill

Network door stations offer a convenient way to manage your premises protection. They combine communication, video surveillance and remote entry control into one single device, which is the perfect complement to your surveillance solution.

This article will look more deeply into the benefits of open network door stations

1. Improved video and audio performance

Network door stations extend the functionality of your security system, increase staff safety and keep your premises secure. By increasing the control and efficiency of your visitor management security can be improved while also saving costs.

By using quality network based security cameras with your door entry system, you can ensure you have superior image quality in any condition, making it easier to remotely identify your visitors and grant them access. Things such as Wide Dynamic Range and great low light performance ensures uncompromised image quality also in dark settings or in situations with strong backlight. By using acoustic echo cancellation and noise reduction technology, you can also ensure reliable communication with visitors, something that is invaluable in often noisy outdoor environments.

2. Enabler for new system solutions adapted to security needs

Products that are based on open and widely adopted standards such as SIP for communication or ONVIF and VAPIX for video surveillance, will allow you to leverage the systems you already have in place and are familiar with but now with extended functionality.

Open standards allow you to connect to basically any modern video management system so cameras and recordings, schedules, storage, alarms and notifications are all handled in the exact same way. Calls from visitor can be received directly into the VMS through the enterprise wide IP phone systems or as a standalone call to a specific desk phone or mobile device. This makes it a valuable tool both for video surveillance, communication and visitor management. All in one.

3. Scalability: address today’s needs to be prepared for tomorrow

Having a system based on open standards and interfaces also creates more freedom and flexibility as you are not locked-into a proprietary system. This means that should your needs change in the future you are not stuck. For example should your company grow or your security needs change, you can be sure that your system’s backbone can be upgraded without having to change the products mounted on your facility.

The same goes for communication solutions that might go from a single desk phone receiving calls from visitors to an enterprise level communication system routing calls over the planet.

The same scalability also comes with the number of doors stations. In a network based systems there is no centralized control panel, limiting the number of door stations you can add, but the system will still grow with your organization. Regardless if you are in the same building or adding new locations, by utilizing standard network infrastructure, you’re good to go.

Openly available APIs and SDKs allow you to adapt your system for basically any kind of special solution or integration, specific to your needs.

4. Intelligence at the edge – More efficient operations and improved control

Having onboard intelligence, door stations become an even more powerful professional security tool. They can trigger alarms, calls, alerts, camera recordings or public safety broadcast messages, based on whatever is happening at the scene, all in real-time.

This kind of event driven security solution relives burden from operators and improves both the accuracy and efficiency of daily operations. The door station will call for attention when an operator needs to take action or even automatically perform pre-defined actions in certain situations as defined and scheduled by the system owner.

For example, audio analytics can be used to detect a gunshot, glass breaking or the early stages of a brawl and send an alert to security. Among other things video analytics can be used to detect motion or loitering in restricted areas, scan QR codes to activate predefined actions or for facial recognition for identification.

All activities in the surrounding area can be precisely documented along with other security video and events, providing full control and traceability for security staff. With capabilities like these, network video intercoms transform from isolated tools into intrinsic and proactive elements of a network security system.

All these features become even more important when regarding the growing automation of many companies which leads to a reduction of staff on-site. One such example is 24 Storage, a self-storage company, that was in need of a reliable, IP-based security system that could be used in many locations at the same time. In order to keep the storage secure and control who is entering the premises, the company chose a system consisting of cameras, audio systems and remote access control.

5. Lower total cost – Simple and cost efficient installation

Door stations use standard network cables and connectors that are usually already in place in the building, so there is no need for dedicated and expensive proprietary wiring.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) features mean you only need one standard network cable for both power and data transmission. These are low voltage installations which do not require an expert to install.

By choosing a door station based on open standards you also keep down the number of devices both on the outside and inside the door. On the outside, door stations will act as both security cameras, door phone and access control reader, reducing the need for separate devices, with no loss to the system’s performance.

Furthermore, an open door station will connect and utilize whatever equipment you already have. There is no need for a control panel or answering unit. This keeps down the upfront investment and also the number of devices that needs to be supported and maintained over time.

The mighty door station

So to wrap things up there are several good reasons to look into an open network door station. They provide 3-in-1 functionality, combining video surveillance, communication and entry control to add superior performance to your security system.  Their open interfaces and intelligence provide a tool to create powerful, scalable and cost efficient security solutions to protect your premises today and in the future.

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Top reasons for network door stations