Not too big, not too small: Mid sized security users are a special breed

Christina Behle

Users of security and surveillance come in all shapes and sizes – and I’m not talking about the actual people who use these systems! The businesses, institutions, organizations and other types of operations that require security solutions vary widely. Typically, we like to think of them in a simple soft drink model – small, medium or large.

While Axis prides itself on having a full range of solutions for all types of customers, we know that some of you are in the mid-range of what you need in a security solution. You may have tight budget constraints, you have important and sometimes complex security requirements, and usually the person in charge of security has many more jobs than just security. You may oversee security at a school, or small manufacturing operation, a mid-sized businesses, or a department store.
Does this sound like you – well, then read on!

View based on your needs

From our point of view the number of cameras installed is only one parameter. More important is what you need to solve your problem. Sure, every use case is different but the common threads that we’ve found are: you want easy installation and maintenance; scalability to expand the security systems as your company grows; and a complete, flexible offering that offers a range of products that all work together – cameras, recording devices, software management, analytics, access control, remote monitoring and identification. In short, an end-to-end solution that works reliably and delivers high return on investment. Sounds simple but not many providers can offer you the completeness and integration in one stop.

Why is this important? We understand that you might not be a security expert first and foremost. You need to focus on a variety of other tasks besides security so you don’t have the time to deal with messy installations, complex operations and on-going maintenance issues. However, you most likely have some pretty advanced requirements – cameras that work in variety of lighting and weather conditions, analytics for monitoring specific activities or conditions like thermal analytics or face recognition, and capabilities beyond video cameras – such as door access control, visitor management and integrated speakers.

Security users are also often on the move at work and working somewhere on the premises, not caged in an office all day long. So being able to access the network and the surveillance system from your smartphones and tablets is important. No matter where you are, you need to be able to search for, export and view footage quickly and easily.

VMS: A foundation for a complete solution

A fundamental component of a security solution is a high quality and intuitive video management system (VMS). The VMS is literally the control center for all your security operations, starting with how your video footage is recorded, viewed, stored and retrieved when needed. It’s the foundation for building a custom solution for your specific needs – communicating with visitors, securing entrances and exits, handling goods deliveries, using audio for deterrence, and adding advanced analytics. We’ve found that people like you enjoy like the fact that you can either opt for an out-of-the-box system with optimized hardware and software, or build your system using our software together with standard PC and servers.

The film shows one example of a mid-sized operation that has benefited from our solution:

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