#ISCWest and beyond: Re-imagine security and create smarter business solutions

We’re in the business of pioneering network technology to create a smarter, safer world. But what does that really mean? And what could it mean for you?

At this year’s ISC West we looked to bring together creativity and intelligent technology to show how we’re adding new dimensions of insight and opportunity to businesses. Unlocking the door to increased security, new beginnings and more business growth means challenging traditional conventions when it comes to security solutions and understanding how the latest network technology can be used in different ways, situations and industries.

ISC West was bustling this year with an energetic crowd yearning to learn more about the latest in network security solutions and technology. Let’s dive into what Axis brought to the table, including engaging presentations and speaking sessions, in-booth solutions, and product introductions, highlights and awards.

Discovering new ways to enhance security and optimize business: Kicking off with smart cities and new technologies

What are the key components of a smarter, safer city? Axis co-founder Martin Gren, (who acted as “Mayor”) and Fredrik Nilsson, VP, Americas, led a town-hall style 12th annual Axis Press Breakfast to answer this exact question. Attendees were, in a sense, awarded the keys to the city, as Nilsson and Mayor Gren opened the proverbial gates to discuss at length several attributes of a smart city: efficiency of services, mobility, safety and security, reputation, sustainability, and economic growth and city image.

As part of the presentation, Gren highlighted several customer stories to showcase the breadth of our technology and how it can contribute to a smarter, safer city.

Other areas of interest highlighted included protecting critical sites and leveraging smart technologies to better understand, manage and transform traffic operations.

Together, with our partners, we can help cities meet their objectives and thrive with integrated security, intelligence and connected data. However, we also realize the need to innovate and introduce new products to market, which brings us to our next point…new products we revealed.

Martin Gren (left), Axis’ co-founder, and Fredrik Nilsson (right), VP, Americas, open the 12th annual Axis Press Breakfast.
(left) Martin Gren, Axis’ co-founder, and (right) Fredrik Nilsson, VP, Americas, open the 12th annual Axis Press Breakfast.
Latest innovations were revealed in audio, video and access control

Creating a smarter, safer world means having the courage to evolve and push the boundaries of network security by launching state-of-the-art products and solutions. We introduced several new products: AXIS P3719-PLE Network Camera, AXIS Q6215-LE PTZ Network Camera, AXIS C8210 Network Audio Amplifier and AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station. To learn more about these new products, check out our latest release.

The 7th generation of ARTPEC chip was revealed with much fanfare

Now in its 7th generation, our latest ARTPEC chip brings with it a number of new features and capabilities, such as enhanced security features, better imaging, powerful compression and impressive analytics on-the-edge. More so, it’s not a generic design. Instead it’s 100 percent optimized for creating high quality Axis network video solutions. ARTPEC-7 will be the basis for most Axis network video products with one of the first using the chip being the AXIS P1375 Network Camera and AXIS P1375-E Network Camera. For more on ARTPEC-7, read our latest release.

Tour the Axis booth and unlock the potential for new opportunities

Staying ahead in an always changing world means thinking outside of the box and finding new ways to do business. Attendees got a taste of what this means in the Axis booth where they found solution walls geared toward a number of focus areas. Some included:

  • Smart cities: Connected IoT solutions for smarter, safer communities
    With an integrated, network surveillance solution, you’re able to see in real time what’s happening across a city. The result? A powerful platform on hand to help you enhance safety, improve traffic flow and better monitor and understand environmental impact to improve security and quality of life.
  • Combining video, audio and access control
    Unlike traditional hardware, our access control solutions are truly open, which means easy integration to mix and match best-of-breed hardware and software and integrate with other systems. “Open” also means you can scale up your solution to meet your needs.Solutions on display included AXIS A1601 Network Door Controller, our new AXIS A8207-VE Network Video Door Station and a demo of AXIS Visitor Manager in action. (Note: AXIS Visitor Manager is only offered with AXIS A1001 Door Controller w/ AXIS Entry Manager).
  • 2N access control and intercoms
    Managing visitor access and entry control with versatility and secure communication is made easy with solutions from 2N, An Axis Company. On display were intercoms, answering units and access control solutions. Demoed was the new Verso LTE and 2N Compact Talk.
  • Network audio solutions: Intelligent audio for security and business
    Axis network audio solutions are smart, all-in-one audio systems that can help you improve security with triggered alerts, create in-store ambiance with background music and broadcast live or scheduled announcements at the right time and place. On display for security was AXIS C3003-E Network Horn Speaker. For business, we demoed background music and paging with AXIS Audio Manager C7050 Server, C8033 Network Audio Bridge and AXIS C8210 Network Audio Amplifier, which was connected to an analog speaker to show how to turn a passive speaker into a complete network speaker.
  • Analytics with insight: Optimized security with business intelligence
    Increase security and gain greater customer insights with smart solutions, such as Axis Store Optimization Suite and Axis Loss Prevention Suite, which were both on display. Analytics demoed included AXIS People Counter, AXIS Store Reporter, AXIS Loitering Guard and AXIS Queue Monitor.Want to learn more about analytics and how they’re being used in a variety of ways? Check out our latest blog.
  • End-to-end solutions for medium business: Professional mid-sized security solutions
    Discovering the blueprint for business success and increased security first starts with understanding the full scope of your surveillance needs. This is made easier with AXIS Camera Station, an all-in-one video management software that’s perfect for a number of industries.To show its versatility, the software was demoed with a variety of Axis devices, including a network camera, video decoder, network radar detector, network horn speaker, network video door station and network video recorders with built-in software licenses.
  • Academy: Feel empowered to learn and grow
    We offer a full-range of training services for those who want to expand their knowledge, grow professionally and become certified. On display were Axis Communications Academy offerings including classroom trainings, such as Essentials of Axis Network Audio Systems, Building End-to-End Solutions with AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite and Network Video Fundamentals (with Certification).
  • Small business solutions: Video surveillance made simple
    Small business owners have enough on their minds. With reliable, network surveillance, they’ll have one less thing to worry about. On display were AXIS Companion Eye mini L network camera, AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE network camera and AXIS Companion Dome mini LE network camera, as well as the AXIS Companion desktop and mobile apps.
  • Intrusion protection: Detect, verify, act, from perimeter to core
    Incidents in critical facilities can disrupt production and increase safety hazards. On display was a solution made up of AXIS Perimeter Defender, a solar panel, a power bank from Solis, a radio from Siklu and a router from Encore Network, all which was tied into AXIS T98A-VE Cabinet Series.
The Axis booth was bustling with professionals looking to get a glimpse of the latest solutions and technology.
The Axis booth was bustling with professionals looking to get a glimpse of the latest solutions and technology.

Staying ahead in a changing world: What and who is making an impact on and off the show floor

We’re constantly searching for new ways to enhance security and business optimization. But we also understand the importance of building and maintaining trust. As you might imagine, ISC West is the perfect opportunity to not only create and strengthen relationships but to also keep people informed about how we’re performing as a company.

And the winner is…

Before our ISC West journey came to a close, we were honored to take home several product awards including:

Sharing the knowledge: Speaking sessions with industry experts

We took part in a number of different speaking sessions, which provided unique insight into several areas of business:

Bridging the gender gap in the security industry

About: In the coming years the security industry will face a significant skills gap as more professionals retire. An interactive panel of female leaders from across the security industry discussed the importance of achieving greater gender diversity, the challenges they faced to succeed in their careers and offered their opinion on what the future of the workforce could look like.

The challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence in physical security

About: Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are being used in a number of business processes, such as retail and banking, as well as security. Presenters explored how AI and ML are being used in the security industry, discussing what’s already being done, what the future holds and the challenges and opportunities that are being presented due to new technologies. Attendees also learned how they can leverage AI and ML to find business success.

A next level of awareness: LiDAR applications for security

About: You’ve probably heard of LiDAR (light detection and ranging) being used to enable self-driving vehicles. But did you know it can also be used to help a variety of machines “see”, such as roadside sensors, security systems and even drones? Executives from Quanergy and Cisco discussed what they’ve learned when using LiDAR as part of their solutions for smart city security and how they see this tech playing a role in the security industry.

From Campuses to Communities: How Smart Technologies are Driving Our Future

About: What is a smart city? How does our education system play a role in making a city “smart?” This two-hour session looked at how Axis technologies are making a difference to create safer communities. Presenters for the first session included James Marcella, Director of Industry Associations, Axis Communications, Inc., and end customer, Kevin Wren, Director Risk, Security, Emergency Management, Rock Hill School District. The second session was led by Kevin Taylor, Business Development Manager, Smart Cities, Axis Communications, Inc., and end customer Jack Hanagriff, Lawn Enforcement Liaison, City of Houston – Public Safety Office.

Making an impact in the community: The Security 5K

ISC West is the perfect opportunity for like-minded professionals to come together to learn and grow in their field. But it’s not all business! This incredible event also provided those in the industry with an opportunity to come together for a great cause: The Security 5K. All proceeds generated by this annual race are donated to Mission 500, a nonprofit organization that works in-tangent with the security industry to provide aid to US children and families living in poverty. In total, we’re proud of the 93 Axians who took part.

The Security 5K featured 93 Axians! Thank you to all who joined.
The Security 5K featured 93 Axians! Thank you to all who joined.

Discover your own path to a smarter, safer world: What ISC West taught us

We always strive to provide new dimensions of insight and opportunity to empower people to interpret, predict and respond to situations. However, saying that is one thing. Accomplishing this is something else entirely. It’s critical to be willing to grow, develop, innovate and push the threshold of today’s current concepts and technology. After all, the only limits that exist are the ones we set for ourselves.

This year’s ISC West presented the perfect opportunity to not only highlight how we plan to achieve the above, but to also engage with other professionals to better understand their challenges and pain points. In turn, the latter is certainly a driver of innovation.

As we again close those proverbial gates on another successful ISC West, we look forward to what the future holds and working with our partners to create a smarter, safer world.