#ISCEast: Focusing on solutions to shape the future

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Finding the right answer to your security or business challenge isn’t always easy. Doing so requires a unique perspective and vision. It could even mean rethinking security and business optimization by focusing on solutions and new technology, such as the ones featured in our ISC East booth this year. These included intercoms, intelligent audio, end-to-end solutions, intrusion protection, analytics and tools such as AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite and AXIS Device Manager.

Along with all of the action that took place in-booth, we also took part in number of speaking engagements that touched on both solutions and other industry-relevant topics, such as network configuration and mapping your career in the security industry.

There’s certainly more to discuss, so read on for an in-depth look at what took place on the show floor!

The Axis booth: Unlocking solutions to drive success

Challenging the status quo means developing products and solutions that are innovative and provide long-term value to our customers. Here are the solutions and technologies displayed in-booth at this year’s event:

Intercoms: Clear communication with reliable access control
2N, an Axis company, is the market leader of IP intercoms, offering standalone, customizable intercom solutions with reliable 2-way communication and access control. On display in our booth was 2N® Verso, 2N® Force and 2N® Indoor Touch.

Intelligent audio: All-in-one network audio solutions
Axis network audio solutions are smart, all-in-one audio systems that can help you improve security with triggered alerts, create in-store ambiance with background music and/or broadcast live or scheduled announcements at the right time, to the right place.

On display in this booth: AXIS C1004-E Network Cabinet Speaker, AXIS C3003-E Network Horn Speaker, AXIS C8033 Network Audio Bridge, 2N® SIP Mic, GXV3275 IP Phone and AXIS Audio Manager C7050 Server.

End-to-end solutions: Secure your business now and in the future
Combine video, audio and access control. Axis end-to-end solutions are easy to install, designed with open IP standards, and they’re scalable to help you meet today’s and tomorrow’s security challenges.

On display in this booth: AXIS A4011-E Reader, AXIS A1001 Network Door Controller, AXIS A8105-E Network Video Door Station, AXIS C1004-E Network Cabinet Speaker, AXIS Q3518-LVE Network Camera, AXIS Camera Station S1048 Mk II Recorder, AXIS Camera Station S1032 Mk II Recorder, AXIS Camera Station S2024 Appliance, AXIS Camera Station S2016 Appliance, AXIS T8524 PoE+ Network Switch, AXIS T8516 PoE+ Network Switch and AXIS T8508 PoE+ Network Switch.

Intrusion protection: Secure your site from perimeter to core
With an intrusion protection solution, you can both safeguard your site from unauthorized access and monitor your staff to ensure they’re in the right place at the right time.

On display in this booth: AXIS C3003-E Network Horn Speaker, AXIS Q6155-E PTZ Camera Station, AXIS D2050-VE Network Radar Detector, AXIS  Q1942-E Thermal Network Camera and AXIS S9101 Desktop Terminal.

Analytics: For proactive surveillance and business intelligence
Analytics can offer many benefits to your surveillance solution. They can help security staff proactively survey a facility to detect and deter crime, such as with license plate recognition from Platesmart, or motion detection at a perimeter. Beyond security, AXIS People Counter and AXIS Queue Monitor can help businesses, such as retail stores, gather valuable information about how their customers behave in-store to improve sales, decrease shrinkage and increase profits.

On display in this booth: AXIS People Counter, AXIS Queue Monitor, AXIS FA54 Main Unit and sensor units, AXIS M3046-V Network Camera and AXIS Queue Monitor, AXIS P3227-LVE Network Camera, AXIS P3228-LVE Network Camera, and AXIS Camera Station S9101 Desktop Terminal.

Tools for success: Our tools can help you at every stage of your project from design and installation to integration and maintenance. In booth, we had AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite and AXIS Device Manager on display.

Axis booth presentation - ISC East
Attendees gather in the Axis booth for a presentation.

Speaking sessions: Opening the door to new opportunities of increased security and business development

We took part in a number of different speaking sessions this year, each that provided unique insights into a variety of different focal areas.

Analytics on the edge: Getting the most from your network device

About: You’ve likely heard of the term “analytics.” But did you know there are various types of analytics? This session not only addressed this, it also dove into the role analytics play in network devices and addressed what we might expect from this technology in the next 5 to10 years.

Presented by: Steve Stanberry, Business Area Director, Northeastern United States, Axis Communications, Inc., and Ryan Zatolokin, Business Development Manager, Senior Technologist, Axis Communications Inc.

Basic installation and configuration for video surveillance

About: In this 2-hour workshop, participants were introduced to basic installation and configuration of network video devices. Attendees left this session with a checklist of steps they could reference the next time they installed or configured a new network video surveillance solution.

Facilitator: Jeff Coco, Director of Technical Services, Axis Communications, Inc.
Presenter: Dan Dumals, Technical Services Specialist – Hardware, Axis Communications, Inc. and Mark Coughlin, Technical Trainer, Axis Communications.

Advanced installation and configuration for video surveillance

About: A follow-up to the basic session on installation and configuration of video surveillance, this 2-hour, hands-on advanced session focused on common features in network cameras and other edge devices that may be overlooked. By understanding what features exist and what they do, participants can stand out from their competition.

Facilitator: Jeff Coco, Director of Technical Services, Axis Communications, Inc.
Presenter: Dan Dumais, Technical Services Specialist – Hardware, Axis Communications, Inc.

Mapping your career in physical security

About: How do you take your career to the next level? The Security Industry Association and ASIS International zeroed in on findings from a new study on how individuals (specifically system integrators, security practitioners and manufactures) can advance their careers by obtaining the needed skills and experience.

Moderator: Geoff Kohl, Senior Director of Marketing, Security Industry Association
Panelists: Scott Dunn, Senior Director, Business Development Solutions & Services, Axis Communications Inc., Angela Osborne, PIC, MA, Regional Director, Security & Technology Consulting Practice, Guidepost Solutions LLC and Chris Staniforth, President, ALC Consulting, Inc.

Analytics presentation ISC East
Ryan Zatolokin, Business Development Manager, Senior Technologist, Axis Communications, presents in, “Analytics on the edge: Getting the most from your network device.”

Creating value with innovative products

As a leading market player, Axis constantly looks to create a smarter, safer world by creating solutions that merge intelligent technology with high-quality products and services. James Marcella, Director of Industry Associations, Axis Communications, Inc., accepted the 2018 ASTORS award From American Security Today on behalf of Axis for AXIS Q87 Bispectral PTZ Network Camera Series in the category of Physical Security. The award was presented at ISC East at the Presentation Luncheon located in the Jacob Javits Exhibition Center.

The ASTORS award honors the new and established vendors that provide innovative solutions to address evolving homeland security threats from terrorism, lone wolf attacks, civil unrest, disasters, societal shifts and media biases that impact front line security professionals.

Key takeaways at #ISCEast: Embracing the brave, new world of network surveillance solutions

Solving a security or business challenge could (and likely does) mean being willing to challenge traditional conventions by rethinking security and business optimization. How can this be done? By focusing on solutions.

This year, we presented attendees with a number of solutions and speaking engagements that could help them solve different security and business challenges. As we move forward, it’ll continue to be important to push boundaries to create a smarter, safer world.