Another year, but not just another Intersec!

Philippe Kubbinga

Intersec 2018 marked our 12th year participating in the MEA regions most awaited security event. It has been a remarkable journey from products to solutions and one that has helped us create an ecosystem of long term partnerships. I would like to share a few key highlights which are very much in line with our vision for 2018.

Intersec is the largest tradeshow in the region and being the first event of the new year, it is the platform to highlight trends for the year ahead. Over the three days at Intersec, I witnessed the energy on our stand in the conversations as well as around the arena and a few things were obvious.

Smart Cities are just around the corner

As we become a more ‘connected’ society, the advantages of a safe and smart city become more obvious. The governments in the Middle East countries are consistently driving the shift for cities to become smart. AI and facial recognition, along with traffic management are big focus areas. This was further evident in the conversations that took place during the event with a great potential to carry forward in the next year.

Analytics are in demand, especially in Retail

Our partners and customers are aware of the various advantages that analytics bring to an ecosystem of products. From analyzing demographics, to buying behaviors, the scope of analytics is only going to grow. Analytics adaption across video and audio is helping security systems evolve to intelligent and adaptive recognition.

Retailers are increasingly using video analytics to gain business intelligence insights that allow them to optimize shop floor plans, merchandise display or checkout queue management. This opens up entirely new user groups to video surveillance. For example, in-store traffic flow and behavior analysis can help guide advertising and promotion campaigns.

Access Control in Critical Facilities

During a panel discussion on ‘Critical Infrastructure Security of Airports and Seaports’, Access Control was highlighted as a top security measure. Combined with background checks and facial recognition, the importance of access control, specially across critical facilities such as airports, will grow to mammoth proportions. At our stand, we showcased our Access Control solutions with an actual door and it was one of the most sought-after experience.

To summarize, I do believe we have moved on from the era of displaying products to creating experiences. Partners and customers need to ‘experience’ what a solution can do for them and how they can integrate that into their ecosystem. We consider Intersec 2018 to be a great success where we have started a narrative that we as a team believe in, and we look forward to sharing many such successful stories in the coming year.