#GSX18: Going beyond traditional security for a smarter, safer world

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This year’s Global Security Exchange (GSX)—formerly known as ASIS—has come to a successful close. So now what?

We get it: Grasping countless hours of material at such an action-packed conference is one thing (often the easy part). Retaining all of that information can be a completely different challenge. But it’s the ability to apply what was learned that can unlock a whole new world of growth and opportunity for your organization.

A lot of ground was covered at this year’s GSX, so here are some highlights:

We’re proud to have released a new innovation for discreet corner surveillance. We also showcased several new bullet and multidirectional cameras at the event. For more details about these products, check out our latest release.

For a more in-depth look at what we were up to on the show floor, read on!

Axis Communications booth at GSX conference
The Axis booth featured a variety of solutions for different segments.

Exploring the Axis booth: Network solutions for security and business optimization

The security industry is constantly forging new paths into uncharted territory, which often forces those working within it (or with it) to adapt quickly.

Let Axis act as your guide. We featured a number of solutions in our booth, including:

  1. Cybersecurity and internet of things (IoT)

    Today’s world is more connected than ever before. IoT technology has created a level of digital intelligence where information can be collected and exchanged between multiple devices or systems with little to no human involvement. This is especially the case in the security industry where IP devices are quickly becoming the go-to solutions for organizations looking to increase security and/or improve business optimization.

    Yet, with this level of connectivity also comes potential cybersecurity risks. That’s where AXIS Device Manager comes into play. Displayed in our booth, users could see first-hand how this tool allows users to manage major installation, security and operational tasks while also being able to easily apply cybersecurity controls for multiple devices at once.

  2. Intrusion protection systems: Detect, verify and act from perimeter to core

    Keep your facility secure from perimeter to core with Axis’ intrusion protection solutions, which includes AXIS Perimeter Defender, radar technology, thermal and PTZ cameras and AXIS C3003-E Network Horn Speaker. With this type of technology at your fingertips, you can minimize false alarms, easily track intruders, trigger recorded messages to let them know they’ve been detected and protect your site day and night.

  3. Intelligent audio systems: Create ambiance and communicate alerts

    Did you hear that? Attendees were all ears when they stopped by this section of our booth as we introduced them to a number of intelligent audio systems. These high-quality systems can be leveraged for security, paging and background music.

  4. Analytics: Your surveillance system is showing you a story: Are you seeing it?

    Today, analytics combined with surveillance can create new business possibilities and insight, especially in the retail sector. Some of the solutions shown in our booth included AXIS People Counter and AXIS Queue Monitor. Also present was facial recognition software and a live monitor that displayed ads based on the person’s age and gender if they walked in front of the camera.

  5. Small business: Video surveillance made simple

    Small business owners have enough on their plate. They shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not their surveillance system is properly protecting their store front. Simple, reliable, secure and affordable, AXIS Companion is a complete solution that offers real-time monitoring with cameras, software, recorders and accessories. This end-to-end solution was on display along with four AXIS Companion cameras: AXIS Companion Eye mini L, AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE, AXIS Companion Dome and AXIS Companion 360.

  6. Integrated solutions: Combining video, audio and access control

    “Who’s there?” You won’t have to ask that question again when using Axis door video stations and/or intercoms from 2N, an Axis company, with built-in cameras and audio capabilities paired with access control and management solutions. We showcased an array of intercoms along with our network door controllers with solutions that address the needs for small, medium and enterprise businesses. IP based access control systems offer easy scalability and flexibility to meet the changing needs of customers.

Overall, these presentations looked to bring new perspectives to pertinent topics and technologies.

Axis Communications booth at GSX
The Axis booth was packed with professionals looking to check out innovative solutions for business and security.

Speaking Sessions: Working together to pioneer a smarter, safer world

We were proud to participate in a number of engaging speaking sessions with some of the security industry’s brightest minds. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of each session:

Shooter detection: The new frontier of physical security

This panel discussed a major, current talking point: the need to apply shooter detection practices in facilities such as venues, hospitals, schools and stadiums. Conversation ranged from available technologies and challenges to implementation and general best practices.

Speakers included Paul Baratta, Business Development Manager, Healthcare, Axis Communications, Inc., Dan Michelinie, Regional Sales Manager, Lenel Systems International, Derek van der Vorst, Founder/Owner, Sound Intelligence, Thomas Connell, Sr. Manager, Life Safety Systems for Johnson Controls International.

The future security workforce: Empowering female industry leaders

Women continue to make a tremendous impact in the predominately male-led technology sector. Panelists discussed the different challenges they’ve faced throughout their careers, offered inspiring advice and guidance to those in attendance and forecasted what the future workforce might look like.

Speakers included Laura Stepanek, Editor, SDM Magazine, Lisa Roy, Vice President & General Manager Systems, Services & Solutions, Johnson Controls, Elizabeth Moslander, Global Council Leader, ASIS International, Women in Security, Maria Dominguez, Senior Vice President/Regional Security Manager, Bank of America.

Exploring the world of video forensics

You’ve probably heard of the term “forensic science” on TV crime dramas. But what really are forensic sciences? (Yes, plural.) This session gave attendees the opportunity to look through the eyes of real forensic video analysts as they worked to analyze and decode actual case studies and video footage.

Speakers included James Marcella, Director of Industry Associations, Axis Communications, Inc., Miles Brissette, Co-Founder, 3rd Chair Digital Forensics, LLC and Don Shellenberger, CPP, Project Manager III, MBA Consulting Services, Inc. 

Integrating acoustic sensors with video to improve safety

Traditionally, video surveillance could only be used to react to emergency situations after the incident took place. Today’s surveillance technology, when coupled with analytics, now allows security professionals to proactively detect and respond to events in real time. This session touched on how newly developed audio and video surveillance technology is helping security personnel respond to threats with more efficiency.

Speakers included James Marcella, Director of Industry Associations, Axis Communications, Inc., Kevin Wren, Director, Risk, Security, Emergency Management, Rock Hill School District and Donald Zoufal, CPP, Safety and Security Consultant, CrowZnest Consulting, Inc.

IoT and Security: While the world gets smarter, does it get safer?

Scott Dunn, Senior Director, Business Development Solutions & Services, Axis Communications, Inc., hosted this 20 minute session at one of the new X stages at GSX – booth 151, the Xcelerated Exchange stage.

In-booth presentations

Here are the different presentations that were happening in our active booth:

  • The Axis difference
  • Tools for success: AXIS Camera Station Integrator Suite
  • What’s in a ‘high quality’ IP video solution?
  • The sound of security

Innovative products and solutions that generate long-term success

As a market leader, Axis continuously drives development and innovates to provide customers with high quality solutions to improve security and enhance business optimization. AXIS Device Manager and AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE certainly fits this mold.

AXIS Device Manager was honored with an Innovative Product Award for AXIS Device Manager at GSX.

With AXIS Device manager, users can easily manage all major device configuration, management, maintenance and cybersecurity tasks in a cost-effective and secure way on-site or remotely. It’s perfect for managing up to a couple thousand Axis devices on a single site or up to several thousand elsewhere.

Axis Communications stands with GSX Innovative Product of the Year Award at GSX 2018
James Marcella, Director of Industry Associations, Axis Communications, Inc. (middle) stands with the GSX Innovative Product of the Year Award on the Main X Stage.

AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE might be small in size but not in stature. We were elated to receive Security Today’s New Product of the Year Award several weeks ago and officially receive the award at GSX. AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE is a bullet-style camera that delivers high quality surveillance in HDTV 1080p and 2 MP resolution, has built-in IR illumination for complete darkness and is optimized for reduced bandwidth.





Axis Communications stands with Security Today's New Product of the Year award for AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE
Larry Chay, Small Business Program Manager, Axis Communications, Inc. (left) holds Security Today’s New Product of the Year award for AXIS Companion Bullet mini LE.

Key takeaways: Moving beyond the status quo

Finding success means taking a step forward, even if it feels like a leap at first. It means being brave, and moving out of your comfort zone and away from traditional conventions when needed. In the business sense, that could result in creating a new vision for your organization by going beyond traditional security and taking a deeper dive into analytics and intelligent technology.

…Maybe that first step was taken in our booth at GSX.

I think we can all agree: New thinking and collaboration fosters positive change. It helps us shape the future. And it allows us to look beyond expectations, so we can set our sights on continuously creating a smarter, safer world.