How you can get peace of mind with an end-to-end surveillance system

A clear trend is that an increasing number of businesses across retail, manufacturing, education, and other sectors, are installing IP-based surveillance systems. They do it to protect their perimeter and property, keep their staff safe, reduce theft, or improve customer efficiency.

One thing they have in common is that they’re looking for peace of mind in a system that is easy to choose, design, install, and, not least, to operate and maintain. Indeed, if you’re a smallish business, maybe with limited resources, you want to get up-and-running as quickly and smoothly as possible, so that you can keep your focus on the core business.

Cover all needs in a validated system

More and more organizations find that they can cover their needs with a so-called end-to-end solution. In short, a system that accomodates all your security needs – video, audio, analytics, and access control – with components from one single supplier.

An end-to-end surveillance solution from the right supplier will get you a reliable and flexible system that’s easy to use ­–­ both today and as your security requirements grow or change, in the future too.

Another advantage is that the supplier will have validated it. The equipment will be matched to work well together. You won’t miss out on any functionality just because the units don’t “talk the same language.”

Flexibility lets you adjust to changing needs

Across customer segments, surveillance needs can vary greatly. One business needs just one camera. Another may need up to a hundred cameras spread over multiple sites, with connected audio and intelligent analytics.

No matter what size an installation is, requirements change over time and upgrading shouldn’t be a challenge. Here, choosing the right video management software (VMS) will make a huge difference.

The VMS ties it all together, letting you get the most out of your system. It should be intuitive, have a user-friendly interface, and be flexible to allow for customization. It should also provide functions to let you get optimal control of the system.

Customer needs in focus

A serious supplier will be in it for the long haul, continuously developing and making new solutions possible, adapting to change, new circumstances, and opportunities. All in all, you should be able to rest easy. Whether your business is very small or quite a bit larger you should be safe knowing your surveillance system is always performing.

Also, should a problem occur, it’s vital to have a supplier that takes ownership and provides quick and conclusive support. Support should be just a phone call or an e-mail away.

So, whether you are planning on getting your first end-to-end solution or if you need to upgrade an existing system there is a lot of useful information and advice to get you to the next step. Find out more here:

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