A dog, gate or surveillance cameras: Which security solution is best for your small business?

With a constant flow of customers and hectic workdays, security is of course crucial to any small business owner. So, what is your safest and most efficient bet when it comes to security solutions?

While a guard dog might scare intruders off, it will never give police officers a reliable witness statement. A big sturdy gate can be effective, but it’s practically useless if you forget to lock it at the end of a busy day. If you’re still relying on traditional ways of keeping your business secure, it might be time to consider alternatives – such as surveillance cameras.

Let’s look at some practical examples.

Keeping a chain of stores safe with an extra pair of eyes

Being in charge of a chain of stores can be demanding and time is precious. While it’s your job to keep customers and employees safe, it is impossible to be everywhere at the same time. A surveillance camera system can allow you to be virtually present by adding an extra pair of “eyes” in each store. By using surveillance technology, every corner of the store can be monitored – from the entrance to the parking lot. And even better, the system can be tailored to meet your specific needs, such as using IR-illumination technology for clear images in darkness or devices designed for outdoor use.

As a manager, you can have remote access to the cameras, and you can easily get an overview of what is going on on-site by using mobile devices. It’s also easy to go back and review recorded footage if needed. In addition, it can help shop owners with certain tasks such as spotting spillages on the shop floor or checking to see if a shelf needs restocking.

Now imagine a dog doing the same job for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Difficult? I think so, too. Adding the fact that customers or employees might be allergic to our furry friends, makes it even trickier. Sure, a gate can protect a store after closing, but not from threats like robbery or shoplifting during opening hours. Well, we’d say this one is an easy win for cameras.

Managing a kiosk with threat of theft

If you run a kiosk, you probably know all about the threat of theft and shoplifting. As you doubtlessly know your clientele well and take time to chat with them even during peak hours, this makes it even harder to see everything that is going on at the kiosk. Shoplifters can have it easy when you are not watching. On top of this, at times when the shop closes – for lunch or when you need to pop out on a short errand – the risk of crime increases even more.

Another issue that can arise is misunderstandings with customers about how much money was handed over and how much change is due back. Surveillance technology can be the solution in these scenarios. With clear HD images and wide dynamic range technology, allowing for better light contrast, it is possible for the police to identify thieves and for you to solve money disputes – no matter what the lighting conditions in the kiosk may be.

As most shop owners have internet routers nowadays, IP network-based systems can offer great value for money. By simply connecting the system to the router, you get a higher image quality than with most analog systems.

Camera surveillance? Yes, please.

With all respect for our furry friends and steely gates, maybe it is time for your business to upgrade to a modern surveillance camera system?

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